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Trade options.
Earn rebates.

  • Earn $0.06–$0.18 per contract traded
  • No commission fees
  • No per-contract fees

Options trading on Public

Research, build, and execute options trading strategies with the investing platform that minimizes your transaction costs.
Options Highlights

Uncover trading opportunities

Explore the markets with a sophisticated suite of research and technical analysis tools.

Build your options strategies

Plan single and multi-leg options strategies with our comprehensive strategy builder.

Stay on top of every trade

Closely monitor all of your options positions from our intuitive trading experience.

Significantly reduce your transaction costs

At Public, we've always worked to get you the best possible price execution. That's why, in an industry first, we’re sharing our options revenue directly with you, the customer. Every time you place an options trade on Public, you can get 50% of our options revenue, minimizing your transaction costs.

We're the only investing platform that gives you a rebate on every options trade.

Our rebate means that each options contract costs less than zero. You actually earn money.

Earn up to $0.18per contract traded<$0.03
TD AmeritradeNone$0.66

Trading fees for competitors were taken from their website on 4/19/2024, and are exclusive of promo rates. The trading fees above are an approximation, are subject to change, and may vary based on factors such as the total number of contracts and price per contract. See terms & conditions for enrolling in Public's options rebates at public.com/disclosures/rebate-terms

Plan your trades with our strategy builder

With our options strategy builder, you can plan your trades based on your outlook on a stock and visualize your potential profit and loss outcomes. Learn more.
Options Disclosures
Options are not suitable for all investors and carry significant risk. Certain complex options strategies carry additional risk. There are additional costs associated with option strategies that call for multiple purchases and sales of options, such as spreads, straddles, among others, as compared with a single option trade. Prior to buying or selling an option, investors must read the “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options”, also known as the options disclosure document (ODD) which can be found here.


Buy or sell single-leg options strategies.

Straddles and strangles

Buy a call and a put with the same (straddle) or different (strangle) strike prices.

Vertical spreads

Buy and sell two options of the same type (calls or puts) with different strike prices.

Calendar spreads

Buy and sell two options of the same type (calls or puts) with the same strike price but different expirations.

*Coming soon

Visualize every outcome of your trades

Our interactive profit and loss charts can help you visualize the potential outcomes of your trades to better understand your risk/reward balance.

Analyze your trades with advanced charts

Our advanced charts are equipped with hundreds of built-in technical analysis indicators to help you evaluate risk, volatility, and performance.

Discover trading opportunities in your Options Hub

Within your Options Hub, you can explore the most actively traded options contracts, track earnings dates directly on the options chain, and more.

Explore our options resource center

We have created a comprehensive library of guides to options trading strategies—from the fundamental building blocks to more advanced tactics.
Options Disclosures
This feature provides educational materials and videos related to options. The data is provided on an as-is basis and does not guarantee accuracy. The resource center is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a personalized recommendation or investment advice.

Have questions? Find answers.

How much does it cost to trade options on Public?

Unlike many other investing platforms, we don’t charge commissions or per-contract fees when you place an options trade. What’s more, you receive a rebate of $0.06–$0.18 per options contract traded. That means you pay less for every contract you purchase and earn more for every contract you sell.

What options strategies are available on Public?

You can currently trade long calls, long puts, covered calls, and cash-secured puts on Public. Stay tuned for more options trading strategies, including multi-leg strategies, coming soon. We plan to launch straddles, strangles, call debit spreads, call credit spreads, put debit spreads, put credit spreads, long call calendar spreads, and long put calendar spreads.

What is options revenue sharing and how does it work?

At Public, we take a unique approach to options trading by sharing up to 50% of the revenue we generate from payment for order flow (PFOF) with you, the customer. That means not only are there no fees that go to Public when you place an options trade, but you also get a rebate of up to $0.06–$0.18 per contract traded.

Why are options considered riskier than other investments?

Options are considered riskier than many other investments because they are leveraged instruments, meaning that a small investment can lead to large gains or losses. Option prices can fluctuate significantly, and the potential for the total loss of your investment is higher than stocks or bonds.

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