High Yield Savings Account Calculator

Visualize the impact of a 5.1% yield on your savings over time with a Public High-Yield Cash Account. See how our industry-leading rates stack up against other brokerages and banks and make the choice thats best for your financial aspirations.


Yield Estimate as of June 01, 2024. The yield rate is subject to change and may be adjusted prior to or following account initiation.

The estimates provided by the calculator are for planning purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Calculation of interest is based on the monthly compounding of interest for all firms listed. The results are based on the input values remaining constant throughout the term and are rounded to the nearest dollar value. Yield rates are not guaranteed and may fluctuate.

Interest you could earn

5.1% APY
Brokerage Sweep
Brokerage Sweep
5% APY$5/m Subscription required
M1 Plus
Brokerage Sweep
Brokerage Sweep

Calculator Use Instructions:
Simply enter your initial deposit, the frequency of your contributions, and the length of time you plan to save. Our calculator will do the rest, showing you your potential earnings with Public.com compared to other brokerage and bank accounts of listed firms.

All rates are as of June 01, 2024. Calculation of interest is based on the monthly compounding of interest for all firms listed.

The APYs listed represent brokerage sweep offerings by Public Investing, Wealthfront, Robinhood, M1 Plus, Betterment and savings offerings by SoFi Bank. Neither Public Investing nor any of its affiliates are a bank and do not offer savings accounts. A High-Yield Cash Account is a secondary brokerage account with Public Investing. Funds from this account are automatically deposited into partner banks where they earn a variable interest and are eligible for FDIC insurance. US only. Learn more.

This Calculator is intended to serve as an educational tool only and is solely based on your inputs. Results generated are hypothetical and should not be considered a substitute for personalized investment, planning, tax or legal advice, nor do they constitute a recommendation or guarantee of future performance. Individual situations will vary. APY shown is of 06/01/2024. APY is variable and can change at any time. For up to date information for each firm listed and terms, please refer to that firm directly.

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