Public’s Fee Schedule

The financial services industry is not famous for its transparency, and we think it’s time for that to change.

Public is committed to aligning our financial success with the best interests of our community of investors.

We want to make sure our customers fully understand what services Public offers — and what they cost! So here’s the breakdown:

Public does not charge fees for US-listed stocks and ETFs during regular market hours (9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST).
Commissions or Execution Fees $0
Transaction Fees from Public $0
Extended hours trades for US-listed stocks and ETFs are also free for Premium members.
Extended Hours Fees for Premium Members $0
Extended Hours Fees for non-Premium Members $2.99 per trade


Trading OTC securities is free for Premium members. OTC stocks that are set to ‘liquidation-only’ or ‘sell-only’ trading will also not be charged a fee for sale transactions.

OTC Trading Fees for Premium Members or for OTC Securities set to ‘sell-only’ $0
OTC Trading Fees for non-Premium Members $2.99 per trade


Public continues to be PFOF-free for equities trading, including stocks & ETFs. We’ve even built our own proprietary order routing system so that we’re in the driver's seat of always trying to get you the best possible price execution.

Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) or Rebates on equities trades $0

However, PFOF is an essential part of the options market structure. If you are enrolled in our Options Order Flow Rebate Program, Public Investing will share 50% of our order flow revenue for each completed options trade as a rebate to help reduce your trading costs. For more details, see our Order Flow Rebate FAQs and Program Terms & Conditions.

Option order flow rebates Order flow rebates vary depending on the number of contracts you trade. Rates may change month over month. $0.18 per contract per trade


Just so you know, there are a few trading fees that our regulators charge:

SEC Regulatory Fee
Regulatory fees are required and passed onto the investor. These occur when users sell a stock, ETF, or option, and often cost only a few pennies.
$8.00 per $1,000,000 of principal (both equity and option sells only), rounded up to the nearest penny
Trading Activity Fee (TAF) $0.0001466 per share (equity sells) and $0.00279 per contract (option sells), rounded up to the nearest penny. Equity fees are capped at $8.30 per trade.
Options Regulatory Fee (ORF) $0.02685 per contract (option buys and sells)

Bond trading transaction fees

To cover the expenses associated with bond trading, we charge a fee based on the type of bond which you are purchasing and the time remaining until maturity.

Type of Bond Fee per $100 of par value
Treasury Bonds
Ultrashort (0-1 Years) $0.100
Short (1-3 Years) $0.250
Medium (3-10 Years) $0.250
Long (10+ Years) $0.250
Corporate Bonds
Ultrashort (0-1 Years) $0.350
Short (1-3 Years) $0.500
Medium (3-10 Years) $0.500
Long (10+ Years) $0.500

Crypto Trading Transaction Fees

Cryptocurrency accounts, trading and custodying services are offered to Public members by Bakkt Crypto Solutions LLC (NMLS ID 1828849). Bakkt Crypto charges a transaction fee based on the dollar value of your cryptocurrency trade, as shown below:

Minimum Order Amount ($) Maximum Order Amount ($) Transaction Fee
$0.01 $10.00 $0.49
$10.01 $25.00 $0.69
$25.01 $50.00 $1.19
$50.01 $100.00 $1.69
$100.01 $250.00 $3.29
$250.01 $500.00 $6.29
$500.01 - 1.25% of order amount

Recurring crypto orders are all charged the lowest 1.25% fee tier regardless of the order amount.

Costs Associated with Investment Plans

To cover the expenses associated with each transaction, we charge a nominal fee based on the number of stock & ETF assets in your Investment Plan.

Number of stock & ETF symbols Transaction Fee
1-3 symbols $0.49
4-10 symbols $0.99
11-20 symbols $1.99

If you’re a Public Premium member, you’re exempt from paying these stock transaction fees.

For Plans containing crypto, recurring crypto orders are all charged the lowest 1.25% fee tier regardless of the order amount.

Costs Associated with Alternative Assets
Commissions 2.5% per transaction

Alternative assets may have additional fees to offset asset storage, insurance, and management costs – as well as fees associated with asset sales or cash distributions. These fees are laid out in the specific asset’s offering circular.

High-Yield Cash Account Fees
High-Yield Cash Account Fees $0.00

While Public Investing does not charge a fee for opening or maintaining a High-Yield Cash Account, Apex Clearing receives an administrative fee from each Partner Bank, which it shares with Public Investing. The fees paid to Apex Clearing and Public Investment will decrease the interest rate paid on the Deposit Accounts to you.

Treasury Account Fees

On Public, Treasuries trading and custody services are provided by Jiko Securities.

Jiko Securities charges a flat management fee 5 basis points (0.05%) per month based on the average daily balance of your Treasury account

The amount of management fee shown above is deducted from your Treasury account on a monthly basis. If there is not sufficient cash in your Jiko Securities account to cover the fee, Jiko Securities may sell Treasuries held in your Jiko Securities account to cover the shortfall. For more details, please see our Treasuries FAQ.

Public Premium
Cost per 30 days $10
Costs per year $96

We also do not charge for the following transfers and services:
Automated bank transfers (ACH) of money to or from your Public account $0
Wire transfer of funds into your account (though your transferring firm might charge a fee) $0
ACAT transfers from other investment firms into your account $0
Electronic delivery of account statements, prospectuses, and tax forms $0
Electronic confirmations of every trade you submit, so you’re always on top of your investments $0

We know some investors may require additional services from time to time. That’s why we offer the following transfers & services for a fee:

Domestic Wire Transfer out of Public (ACH Withdrawals are free) $25
Outgoing ACAT
(if you’re thinking about an ACAT transfer out, please leave us a note. We’d love to hear what we can do better.)
Domestic Overnight Check Delivery $35
Returned Check, ACH, Wire & Recall/Stop Payments $30
Instant Withdrawals Up to 3.5% of the amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum of $1.
Outgoing DRS Transfer Fee
(Fee assessed by Apex Clearing, and is the cost for completing the transfer to directly register the shares with the transfer agent.)
$115.00 per security
Paper Statements
(E-delivery is free! if you see a fee, and you haven’t opted into paper delivery, it’s likely that e-delivery failed. Update your email address here.)
Paper Trade Confirmations $2
Paper Check Request $5
Return Mail $2
ACH Notice of Change/Correction $5
Domestic Overnight Mail $50
International Overnight Mail $100
Restricted accounts $15
Worthless securities processing $30
Tender offer / Reorg processing (Domestic) $50

Fees for FX (Foreign Exchange) transactions on deposits and withdrawals
FX for non-USD currency into USD (Deposits) 0.30%
FX for USD currency into non-USD currency (Withdrawals) 0.30%

The percentage fee above is applied on the total volume of the FX transaction.

As always, our investors are our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns, let’s talk!

Open to the Public Investing, Inc and its affiliates may waive all, or part of any of these fees, permanently or for a period of time, at its sole discretion for any reason. Fees are subject to change at any time. This is not an offer, or solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any security, investment or other product. Processing and service fees assessed by third parties may be passed through to the customer’s account. Some products and services offered by Open to the Public Investing, Inc may require additional fees or transaction minimums for certain products or services not specifically listed here. As of 2/14/2024