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On Public, you can create a custom Investment Plan
 and harness the power of recurring contributions to grow your wealth.

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Customize your Investment Plan

You can add up to 20 assets to your plan. Then, set your investing frequency and customize your allocation.

Make it a habit, not a hassle

By automating your investing decisions, you can reduce uncertainty in the markets and focus on the long term.

Access the best price execution

We don’t participate in payment for order flow, so you can get the best possible price for your trades.

Dollar-cost averaging

Take the emotion out
 of investing

An Investment Plan on Public may help mitigate your risk of buying at a peak by spreading your investments over time. This long-term approach to investing is called dollar-cost averaging—and it can help reduce the overall impact of market volatility.

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Sample plans

Tailor your plan to meet your goals

Growth plan

Creating a custom mix of high-growth stocks, index-tracking ETFs, and crypto may help you appreciate your capital for the long term.

Plan Details 1

Dividend plan

Adding dividend stocks to your investment plan can provide a steady income stream even when the stock market is volatile

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ETF plan

Instead of diversifying your investment plan with individual stocks, you can cover entire sectors and indexes with ETFs.

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Price execution

Get the best price possible

Unlike most brokers, we don’t participate in payment for order flow (PFOF)—which means we don’t sell your trades to market makers. Being PFOF-free removes a conflict of interest from our business model and allows us to get you the best possible price execution for your trades.

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What is dollar-cost averaging?

Instead of trying to time the markets, dollar-cost averaging is when you invest money at regular intervals, regardless of the investment’s price. This approach can help minimize the potential risk associated with attempting to time the markets. The objective of dollar-cost averaging is to mitigate the impact of market volatility on your overall investment.

Can I choose my own asset allocation?

Once you add assets to an Investment Plan, you can choose to split funds evenly between assets or customize your asset allocation. You can tailor your asset allocation in 1% increments, starting at a minimum of $5 for each symbol.

Are there fees for adding stocks or ETFs to an Investment Plan?

Public routes orders directly to exchanges and does not receive any payment for order flow revenue. However, placing trades in the stock market is not without cost. To cover the expenses associated with each transaction, we charge a nominal fee based on the number of assets in your Investment Plan. If you’re a Public Premium member, you’re exempt from paying these fees. See our fee schedule.

Are there fees for adding crypto to an Investment Plan?

For Plans containing crypto, Apex Crypto charges a fee to execute the recurring cryptocurrency purchases in your Plan. That fee is 1.25% of the total cryptocurrency order amount, which covers the costs associated with facilitating crypto transactions and storage. Public Crypto, LLC (“Public Crypto”) receives a portion of the revenue generated by Apex Crypto in exchange for licensing our software to Apex Crypto.

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