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What is an Investment Plan?

An Investment Plan is a collection of assets that you can automatically contribute to on a recurring basis. Choose from our catalog of Plans, covering a wide range of investing styles and risk tolerances. Or, create your own Investment Plan from scratch with up to 20 stocks, ETFs, and/or crypto.

Make it a habit, not a hassle

An Investment Plan can help you take the emotion out of investing and focus on your long-term financial goals.

Personalize your Plan

You're in control of which assets go in your Plan, how much you invest, and how you allocate your funds.

Broaden your exposure in one click

It’s never been easier to spread your investing strategy across asset classes, industries, regions, and more.

Find the Investment Plan for you

Investment Plans on Public span a wide range of investing styles, risk tolerances, and interests. Discover these and many more in our catalog of Plans.

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Invest based on risk tolerance

Align your investment strategy with your risk appetite. Our core Plans are built with issuer-model portfolios and range in incremental levels of risk—from conservative to aggressive.

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Invest in bonds strategies

Diversify your portfolio with exposure to bonds. Our bonds Plans have focuses that range from income generation to inflation protection, to align with your goals and needs.

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Invest in a theme

Gain exposure to the trends shaping our world—including the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, the burgeoning growth of the cannabis industry, and more.

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Invest in a geographic region

Broaden your portfolio's reach with our geographic region Plans. These Plans provide access to distinctive global markets, from Asia to Europe, and beyond.

Dollar-cost averaging

Take the emotion out of investing

An Investment Plan on Public may help mitigate your risk of buying at a peak by spreading your investments over time. This strategy is known as dollar-cost averaging. Although it doesn't eliminate risk completely, dollar-cost averaging can help lessen the overall impact of market volatility.

Have questions? Find answers.

What is dollar-cost averaging?

Instead of trying to time the markets, dollar-cost averaging is when you invest money at regular intervals, regardless of the investment’s price. This approach does not eliminate risk altogether, but it can mitigate the impact of market volatility on your overall investment.

Can I choose my own asset allocation?

Every Investment Plan in our catalog features a predefined asset allocation, informed by robust model portfolios. Upon selecting a Plan, you’re free to customize your asset allocation in 1% increments or opt for an even split of funds across assets. You can even remove assets altogether if you want. If you’re building your own Investment Plan from the ground up, the asset allocation is entirely in your hands.

Are there fees for adding stocks or ETFs to an Investment Plan?

Public routes orders directly to exchanges and does not receive any payment for order flow revenue. However, placing trades in the stock market is not without cost. To cover the expenses associated with each transaction, we charge a nominal fee based on the number of assets in your Investment Plan. If you’re a Public Premium member, you’re exempt from paying these fees. See our fee schedule.

Are there fees for adding crypto to an Investment Plan?

For Investment Plans containing crypto, Bakkt Crypto charges a fee to execute the recurring cryptocurrency purchases in your Plan. That fee is 1.25% of the total cryptocurrency order amount, which covers the costs associated with facilitating crypto transactions and storage. Public Crypto, LLC (“Public Crypto”) receives a portion of the revenue generated by Bakkt Crypto in exchange for licensing our software to Bakkt Crypto.

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