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The Options Trading
Rebate Program

Public is the only investing platform that provides a rebate on every contract traded with no commission or per-contract fees.

When you trade options with no commissions, no per-contract fees, and a rebate on every contract traded, your trading costs become less than $0.

How does Public compare to other platforms?

On Public, you earn a rebate whenever you trade an options contract—meaning you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. See how much you can save vs. other platforms.

BrokerRebatesTrading FeesFees to buy 500 contracts/moAnnualizedSaving if you used Public

Options are risky and aren't suitable for all investors. To learn more, read the Options Disclosure Document.

Does the rebate work for both buying and selling contracts?

As an options trader on Public, you can earn rebates on each side of your trades. That means you get $0.06–$0.18 whenever you buy or sell a contract.

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Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

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Can I increase the amount of my rebate?

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Boost your rebate up to $0.18 per contract by referring friends or trading larger volumes of contracts

When you first enable options trading on Public, you will earn the starter rebate of $0.06 per contract traded. It takes only three referrals to reach our maximum rebate of $0.18 per contract traded.

Do you trade more than $100,000 contracts per month?

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What else do I need to know?

If you don’t charge fees, how can you pay me a rebate?

Unlike other options trading platforms, we don’t charge commission fees or per-contract fees. What’s more, at Public, we share 50% of our options trading revenue directly with you, the customer. That means you can earn a rebate every time you place an options trade—making Public the cheapest way to trade options.

How much can I really save with an options trading rebate?

By enabling options trading on Public, you can earn a rebate with every single contract you trade. That means you can get a rebate when you buy an options contract and another rebate when you sell the options contract. Plus, if you’re buying or selling multiple options contracts as part of one trade, you can earn multiple rebates with it. Once you do the math, you’ll see that your rebates don’t take long to add up. In fact, many options traders on Public earn $100/month or more in rebates.

Where can I keep track of my options trading rebates?

Each time you execute an options trade on Public, you’ll see a complete breakdown of the costs involved (aside from a mandatory regulatory fee that goes to the exchanges, there are none) and the rebate you generate. You can keep track of your options trading rebates from your Rewards Hub and even share how much you’ve saved. As you'll see, it doesn't take long for your rebates to add up. In March 2024, one of the most frequent option traders on Public earned over $2,000 in rebates.

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