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How to Buy Solana

(SOL) Guide

Now, you can buy, sell, and hold Solana on Public. Register or log in to check out instantly with your preferred amount of SOL.

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How to Buy Solana

(SOL) Guide

Want to buy Solana
but not sure how?

Once you set up an account, buying Solana on Public is simple, fast, and secure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy Solana.

How to buy Solana in 5 steps

  1. Create a free Public account

    Download the Public App or sign-up on Web. You will need a valid ID in order to make trades, so be sure to have one ready.

  2. Add a payment method

    Tap on "Deposit" on your account screen and connect a payment method. You can use a bank account, debit card, or initiate a wire.

  3. Search for Solana

    Navigate to the Explore page. Then, type “Solana” into the search bar. When you see Solana appear in the results, tap it to open up the purchase screen.

  4. Enable crypto investing

    When you tap into the Solana investing page, you’ll see a prompt to enable crypto investing with the help of our trusted partner, Apex Crypto. Tap the “Enable now” button.

  5. Complete your purchase

    Tap the “Buy” button and input the dollar value you want to buy. You can also set up recurring Solana purchases on Public.

Why Solana investors choose Public:

Invest in all major cryptos

You can buy, sell, and hold 25+ coins and tokens on Public — and we’re adding more all the time.

Why Solana investors choose Public:

Manage everything in one app

As a Public member, you can buy and sell crypto in the same app you use to manage stocks, ETFs, and more.

Why Solana investors choose Public:

Join in the conversation

Want to talk crypto? There are millions of investors on Public sharing their thoughts, insights, and opportunities.

Why Solana investors choose Public:

Get best-in-class support

Our award-winning support team is standing by to answer your questions about crypto investing on Public.

Why Solana investors choose Public:

Buy Solana (SOL) with Public

If you’re ready to buy Solana, take the next step with Public.

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