NFTs by Your Favorite Celebrities and Brands 

If you’re struggling to keep up with the deluge of articles about celebs and brands hawking their NFT projects, you’re not alone. Lucky for you, we’ve collected all of these collections in one place and are updating it every week. From John Cena’s failed foray into digital collectibles to Charmin’s (yes, the toilet paper brand) NFTPs, check out the weird ways brands are boosting themselves using the blockchain.

Last updated 5/13/22



The musician’s Ultraviolet Collection is a digital version of his best-selling album. We still think he could have worked a number into the name, though.


Believe it or not, the guy who is currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits tried to scam his fans. Tekashi promoted the Trollz NFT collection, which claimed to give holders royalties and result in a charity donation of $100,000. Fans poured thousands of dollars into the project only to find out that they weren’t receiving royalties and that the entire Trollz project was an elaborate scam.

A$AP Rocky

Flocko released his first collection early in 2021, which included a series of digital clothes and a snippet from “Sandman,” an unreleased track.

Alina Baikova

Ukrainian model Alina Baikova came into the game early with an artwork of herself, making her the first (but not the last) model to get in on the trend.

Azealia Banks

Banks sold the audio of a sex tape featuring her and ex-fiance Ryder Ripps for $17,000. It’s a respectable (though not impressive) 24 minutes long and is now going for almost half a billion dollars.

Biggie Smalls

In honor of the 25th anniversary of his death, OneOf and The Christopher Wallace Foundation released the first NFT of Biggie Smalls. Biggie might not have dropped this himself (for obvious reasons), but it’s a fitting tribute for the iconic rapper.

Simone Biles

The Olympic gymnast has several NFT trading cards and pixel art versions of her best moves available on Autograph. A casual reminder that just because you own one doesn’t mean you can attempt the tricks.

Usain Bolt

The 11-time world champion runner has listed a series of NFT trading cards on Autograph. We’re still waiting for a drop featuring his iconic pose.

Tom Brady

Brady’s retirement project appears to be Autograph, a much-hyped NFT agency that’s raised $170 million in funding. By the time you read this, though, he may be back on the field.

Doja Cat

Planet Doja is full of flowers and diamonds, all available as NFTs. There are 26,000 of them and each came with the chance to win tickets to a Doja Cat concert.

John Cena

Meme power doesn’t always translate into sales. Cena teamed up with WWE to sell NFTs as part of a collectibles package. It was, in his own words, a “catastrophic failure” — out of the 1,000 NFTs minted, just 37 sold.

Michael Cohen

Speaking of convicted felons, Trump’s former lawyer is hawking relics from his time in the pen. You can buy parts of Cohen’s handwritten memoir (a literary masterpiece in the making, for sure) and his prison cell badge.

Stephen Colbert

Back in November, Colbert came out with an AFT (Actual Fucking Thing) — basically a paper bag that was made to poke fun at NFTs. Now that AFT is an NFT, thanks to the UK marketplace Terra Virtua. Talk about metaverse ouroboros.

Mark Cuban

Early on in the NFT craze — all the way back in March 2021 — billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban sold several motivational quotes for $1,700 a pop.

Stephen Curry

After breaking the three-point record, Curry dropped a commemorative NFT. Chef Curry has been dabbling in other NFT projects and we’re excited to see what he’s cooking up.

Stormy Daniels

The adult film actress best known for (allegedly) sleeping with Donald Trump is selling the dress from that cursed night back in 2006.


The artist released a new song with Portugal The Man as an NFT. They had plans to go platinum — it didn’t happen.

Ellen DeGeneres

George W. Bush’s best friend released several NFTs of a bad cat drawing. Surprise, surprise, they sold.

Cara Delevigne

It’s a poem. About her vagina. There are no photos, you freaks.

Johnny Depp

Depp sold 10,000 paintings he made of his friends and family as NFTs. He’s clearly taken a page from our former president.

Snoop Dogg

The Doggfather has been big on the NFT trend for a while. His first collection, called “A Journey with the Dogg,” features memories from his early years and is one of the more creative and endearing projects out there.

Jack Dorsey

The Twitter founder auctioned off his first tweet for almost $3 million. Published on March 21, 2006, the tweet reads: “just setting up my twttr.” For those who are curious, each character in that tweet cost just over $100,000.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Right clickers, meet right turn enthusiasts. The NASCAR driver has several helmets for sale on Autograph.


Along with Snoop, Eminem has been one of the main celebrities pushing NFTs. The Stan’s Revenge drop included a beat created by Shady himself and several other collectibles.

Farrah Fawcett

The actor’s foundation sold off the iconic red bathing suit photo (you know the one) in an auction to honor what would have been Fawcett’s 75th birthday.

Wayne Gretzky

The hockey MVP has a series of NFT trading cards and hockey pucks featuring his various records for sale on Autograph.


When she’s not breaking up with Elon Musk or learning about Communism, Grimes is raking in the cash with a bunch of NFT collections. She’s made at least $6 million from the sales.


Halsey teamed up with Nifty for “People Disappear Here,” a collection that was meant to raise money for…a carbon removal NGO.

Tony Hawk

Pro skater Tony Hawk released some NFT trading cards and videos of his iconic tricks on Autograph.

Paris Hilton

By now we are all familiar with the video of Paris talking with Jimmy Fallon about their NFTs. Paris launched her first collection pretty early on in the craze, collaborating with designer Blake Kathryn on a series of NFT artworks. She’s since worked on several other collections.


The band teamed up with David Lynch to reenvision their 2011 Coachella collab for their song Lights. The NFT features a new recording of the song along with visuals by Lynch.

Ja Rule

Hanging onto the little bit of relevancy he had left, Ja Rule sold an NFT of a painting from the Fyre Fest office in March 2021.

Derek Jeeter

The Yankees player and Hall of Famer is selling NFT trading cards and a host of other HOF digital memorabilia on Autograph.

Michael Jordan

The NBA icon recently launched his own Solana-basedplatform called HIER. Its first launch is inspired by Jordan’s 6 championship rings from his time on the Bulls.

Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon could Use Somebody to buy their NFT album. Buying When You See Yourself as an NFT gives you exclusive access to limited-edition vinyl copies and access to amazing seats at future concerts.

Jeff Koons

Celebrity artist Jeff Koons has launched his first NFTproject called Moon Phases. It’s a series of sculptures with corresponding digital tokens.

Ashton Kutcher

The NFT bubble will burst with Ashton Kutcher bursting out from behind a door and telling us we’ve been punk’d. Until then, though, we’re stuck watching his NFT cartoon about cats who are hotboxed by their owner.

John Legend

Musician John Legend launched an NFT platform targeted at musicians looking to monetize their work. He didn’t ask us, but he should consider selling a collection of these, too.

Julian Lennon

John Lennon’s son recently sold NFTs of a bunch of Beatles memorabilia. One of the items is Paul McCartney’s notes for “Hey Jude,” which was written for Lennon’s son.

Lil Baby

Can’t afford a Bored Ape? Buy its baby. That’s the conceit of Lil Baby Ape Club, a project run by the rapper Lil Baby.

Lil Nas X

OK, this one is a bit of a lie. He said he was going to release an NFT with TikTok…then the project was abruptly shelved.

Lindsey Lohan

Lohan auctioned off an NFT of her “fursona” in partnership with the Canine Cartel collection. Before you ask, yes, it’s unfortunately a furry thing.


The Queen of Pop has entered the metaverse with an NFTcollaboration with Beeple. The news comes months after Madonna made headlines by buying a Bored Ape for $560,000.

Shawn Mendes

Musician Shawn Mendes sold a virtual guitar, along with several other items, on OpenSea in early 2021. He was one of the first celebs to jump on board the trend.

Lionel Messi

The footballer launched his Messiverse project in August 2021. The project featured artwork of Messi and honestly didn’t generate all that much attention.

French Montana

French’s “Coke Boys Sneakers” project dropped on Rarible last summer. They’re pretty fresh, not gonna lie.


The rapper’s project stands out from the sea of other celebrity NFTs because, well, it actually gives owners something tangible. Holders of the “Ultra Black” and “Rare” tokens will get to share the streaming rights to the eponymous songs.

Naomi Osaka

The tennis player released a series of NFTartworks. She also launched her own collection on Autograph, which includes NFT trading cards and a collection of manga cards.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy’s Cryptobatz collection is a reference to the time he bit off the head of a bat at a Black Sabbath show. The 90s were a wild time.

Logan Paul

Fans can buy one of several NFTs from the man who recently bought $3.5 million worth of fake Pokémon cards.

Jake Paul

The Lesser Paul runs a project called Stick Dix and (may have) broken up with his girlfriend because she declined to mint one.

Liam Payne

The former 1D member came out with his Lonely Bug Collection last summer, which he says is inspired by his experience in lockdown.

Katy Perry

Pop icon Katy Perry is hot, not cold, about NFTs. She launched her Roar Package collection in December as part of a marketing push for her residency in Las Vegas.

Dolly Parton

Everyone’s favorite country music star is dropping an NFT project. The Dollyverse is here, friends.

Lil Pump

Rapper Lil Pump launched a digital jewelry collection targeted at “high-end collectors.” Esskeetit!

Emily Ratajkowski

Emrata’s first foray into NFTs is an exercise in reappropriation. A photo from her Instagram was used by appropriation artist Richard Prince in his New Portraits series. Ratajkowski bought the photo from Prince and then did a photoshoot in front of the print, which she then sold as an NFT for $140,000. Follow that?


Her hips don’t lie and neither does her crypto wallet. Shakira’s La Caldera collection features images of a fantasy world run by women. The NFTs were created by Kode Abdo and some of the profits are going to forest conservation and Shakira’s own foundation, Pies Descalzos.

Russell Simmons

The founder of Def Jam Records launched an NFT collection featuring previously unseen (and unheard) art and tracks from major hip-hop stars.

Sir Mix-A-Lot

The one and only lover of big butts has dropped his BITBUTTScollection to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Baby Got Back.” Proceeds fittingly benefit the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Snoop Dogg

Shortly after announcing that he had been collecting under a pseudonym, Snoop dropped an NFTproject with Clay Nation.

Edward Snowden

Snowden’s only NFT is a portrait of the whistleblower made out of the text of the court decision ruling that the National Security Administration had broken the law with its mass surveillance program. Still waiting for the Julian Assange collab, though.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has somehow clung to relevance despite making literally one song a decade ago. His Crank That collection is just one work — a painting of him smoking a joint.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky is getting into the NFT game with the PlanetSly collection, a series of art pieces celebrating his life and accomplishments.

Martha Stewart

Martha joined her friend Snoop in creating an NFT collection based on her likeness. The FRESH Mint collection features work from several artists, many of which are inspired by her. For the real Stew-heads out there, she’s also planning a thirst trap NFT.


SZA teamed up with AMEX to release an NFT collection featuring photos from her performances.

Quentin Tarantino

Legendary director Quentin Tarantino is selling an NFT of his original handwritten screenplay for Pulp Fiction. Miramax, the studio behind the film, has sued him to stop the sale and the result of the lawsuit will likely decide the fate of intellectual property in the metaverse.


Timbaland teamed up with the BAYC founders to create Ape-In Productions, an entertainment company that will promote Bored Apes as music artists. He may have forgotten that we did this already.

Melania Trump

The former First Lady launched an NFT collection featuring original art and memorabilia from her days in the White House. While they were up for auction, the price of crypto tanked, so the works sold for a fraction of their original price. Oh, and it turns out that she was actually the one that bought them.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee has his own company dedicated to NFTs. As anyone who has been on Facebook this year can attest, he also churns out a non-stop stream of videos about why you should buy into the trend.

John Wall

The NBA player came out with his Baby Baller collection and was immediately hit with accusations of plagiarism. The background for the collection seemed to have been ripped from Fortnite, while the characters themselves were dupes of the Boss Baby franchise.

Dwayne Wade

The NBA star teamed up with Bud Zero to create a series of themed collectibles featuring quotes and other D-Wayde visuals.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd released his inaugural NFT collection on Autograph, Tom Brady’s NFT marketplace. He’s also on Autograph’s Board of Directors — wonder if he got a discount on listing fees?

Tiger Woods

The PGA pro has a collection of trading cards on Autograph.




The Honda-owned luxury car maker has launched an NFTcollection to celebrate the release of the 2023 Integra. It’s also debuted a showroom in Decentraland where visitors can try out the car.

Alpha Romeo

The automaker is selling its Tonale SUV with an NFT that records vehicle ownership and other data. As far as brand NFT projects, it’s surprisingly practical.


BMW’s approach is…much less useful. The German automaker is cataloging engine noises for its Museum of Sounds using NFTs.


The luxury car maker has teamed up with Asprey, a British manufacturer of luxury goods, to create an invite-only NFTproject.


The McLaren Racing Collective is selling off virtual car parts as NFTs. If you buy the whole car, you…get a digital version of the car.


Ambrosiana Library

Milan’s Ambrosiana Library has created a series of NFTs of Leonardo da Vinci’s rarest drawings.


True Spidey fans copped one of AMC’s commemorative Spider-Man NFTs. The promotion crashed AMC’s website.

Archie Comics

The long-running series has dropped its first NFTcollection, which centers around Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Bandai Namco

The entertainment brand recently announced plans to invest $130 million in a metaverse project for its Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. There will, of course, be NFTs for everything.


The music festival teamed up with FTX to release an NFTcollection for pass holders that unlocks a host of goodies. It also sold a limited number of lifetime passes as NFTs, making you a full-time flower crown wearer for the low price of $85,000.

Dave & Buster’s

D&B is kicking it old school with a one-of-a-kind gold token. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to play Skee-Ball.


Warner Brothers is releasing a collection of hybrid trading cards based on DC comics. Fans who registered for DC’s FanDome event also received one of several rare NFTs. Still not close to competing with the MCU…


Mickey has entered the metaverse. Disney’s Golden Moments collection features NFT statues of the company’s most popular characters.


The sports betting company is celebrating March Madness with its 2022 College Hoops Collection, a series of unique NFT collectibles.

Dr. Seuss

Ok, it’s not really run by the Doctor himself, but it still counts. Quidd, an NFT trading card company, launched a collection of Dr. Seuss collectibles for its inaugural collection.


In the latest sign that GameStop has become 100% meme, the company announced it would launch an NFT marketplace. Its stock price jumped 20% on the news.


The guitar maker is selling some of its most famous guitars as NFTs.

Hot Wheels

You can now collect NFT trading cards of your favorite Hot Wheels cars. We’re waiting for them to do Mighty Beanz next.

Live Nation

Live Nation’s Live Stubs are NFT versions of ticket stubs — those torn off sections of concert tickets that some of us collect.


Marriott Bonvoy, the hotel company’s reward program, launched an NFT collection at Art Basel Miami 2021. Obviously, winners got Bonvoy points along with the tokens.

The Matrix

The film franchise that prefigured the metaverse also sold NFTs of characters from the series. Are you NFTpilled?


The toymaker teamed up with Gary Vee to make a series of NFTs for the card game Uno (ostensibly only for true entrepreneurs).


Paramount released a series of NFTs for Star Trek in April 2022, proving that it’s never too late to get in on a trend.


The company behind basically everything you watch is making NFTs of its most beloved characters. We’re looking forward to them finally putting the Krabby Patty recipe on the blockchain.

The Walking Dead

A new collab between Orange Comet and AMC has resulted in a new Walking Dead drop. As far as branded NFT projects go, the aesthetics of this one are top notch.



Adidas launched its popular “Into the Metaverse” collection at the end of 2021. Holders of Adidas NFTs get exclusive access to new drops. No word yet from the flea market knockoff industry about their next move.

American Eagle

The mall brand teamed up with VaynerNFT and Bitski on a Gen Z-targeted collection.


The Sunrise Red collection gave sneaker fans access to limited-edition digital colorways of popular ASICS sneakers.


Balmain teamed up with Barbie to create an exclusive collab that’s available in the real world and the metaverse. The fits are honestly pretty tight.

Boohoo MAN

The menswear line of popular British fashion retailer Boohoo launched an NFT project featuring virtual outfits inspired by pieces in the brand’s collection.


Burberry decided to piggyback on Ralph Lauren’s success and created the Burberry Blanko collection, which can be used in the Blankos Block Party game.


Everyone’s favorite high school purse brand launched an NFT collection featuring animals from its Snow City digital game.


The skincare brand’s first NFT project appears to be…the letter C?


Fashion’s most talked-about brand teamed up with the upstart brand Egonlab to create an NFT collection. The IRL show, Egonimati, premiered at Paris Fashion Week.


Your friend’s mom’s favorite brand has rebranded. DKNY got a new logo and promptly sold it to the highest bidder as an NFT.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G’s NFT project is one of the few brand projects that was an immediate success. An item from the surprisingly gorgeous Collezione Genesi NFT project sold for just over $1 million at auction.

E.l.f. Cosmetics

The cosmetics brand jumped into NFTs with a collection of virtual skincare items called Ne.l.f.Ts. Like so many of these projects, E.l.f. went with the eco-friendly angle.


Yeezy may not be on the NFT trend but his former employer definitely is. Gap created a virtual hoodie that gives you access to an IRL item.


Givenchy took the other popular approach for brand NFTs, teaming up with artist Chito for a collection of original works.

G-Star RAW

The denim brand has expanded into the NFT space with a series of avatars featuring its rhinoceros masot.


The Supergucci NFT project is the Italian fashion house’s first foray into the metaverse. It’s a collab with Superplastic, the vinyl toy manufacturer. It’s since launched a new NFT collection called Gucci Grail.

Harvey Nichols

Ok, it’s not exactly a collection, but the department store has created a bespoke NFT retail space. We wouldn’t be surprised if they started selling their own collection soon, though.


Last December, the watch maker launched a highly successful collab with Takashi Murakami. Those designs are the backbone of a new NFTcollection, which is also a collab withMurakami.

Jacob & Co.

If you go toJacob with 25 thou these days, you might walk away with an NFTfrom his “Astronomia Metaverso” collection.

Jimmy Choo

Like Givenchy, Jimmy Choo teamed up with an artist for its NFT project. Its collab with Eric Haze resulted in around 9,000 works that were up for auction.

JW Anderson

The viral cardigan worn by Harry Styles is now an NFT. JW Anderson, the designer behind the knitted piece, put it up for auction in partnership with xydrobe.

Karl Lagerfeld

More specifically, the designer’s eponymous line (lest you think he came back from the dead to create an NFT collection). The KL X ENDLESS collection features emoji-style works of the late designer.


KENZO released 100 “Boke Flowers” in honor of the designer NIGO, who recently joined the company.

L’Oréal Paris

Your favorite drugstore makeup brand now has an NFT. L’Oréal auctioned off 5 works made by female artists and inspired by its recent lipstick color.


The iconic denim brand took its classic 501 Original fit and threw it headfirst into the metaverse. Owners of Levi’s 501 NFTs can sleep safe knowing that ownership of their denim is recorded on the blockchain.

Louis Vuitton

For some reason, every fashion brand has decided we want to play their games. Louis The Game is LV’s game project and gives players the chance to find one of 30 NFTs hidden around the game’s world.


The Thanksgiving Day Parade showrunner moved into the metaverse last year. Macy’s auctioned off NFTs of several parade floats, including an objectively terrifying elf.


The beauty brand commissioned several artists to create unique works, which it auctioned off on Truesy. It’s also named after the company’s Orgasm line and was sold on National Orgasm Day.


The brand’s biggest move into the metaverse (besides suing competitors) was its acquisition of RTFKT Studios, a virtual shoe brand.


The skincare brand launched a collection with artist Clarissa Baldassarri that celebrates touch. If only there was a way to make art that could be touched…

Original Penguin

Original Penguin teamed up with TikTok stars to create 8 unique penguins, which it then sold as NFTs.


The Color of the Year (Very Peri, for those who haven’t kept up) is now on the blockchain. You can buy an NFT of works by a popular digital artist on Tezos — all of them use Very Peri in some way. Oh, and there’s a new (separate) giveaway going on.


Prada teamed up with Adidas, a certified metaverse pro, to create a crowd-sourced digital artwork. Users can mint the works, which altered photographs sourced from Prada lovers, for free.


The eyeglass brand teamed up with Oliver Latta, a German artist, to create a collection of unique NFT works.

Rebecca Minkoff

The designer’s I Love New York collection was dropped on the runway and on the blockchain. You can buy pieces from the collection as NFTs on OpenSea.


Luggage brand RIMOWA teamed up with design brand NUOVA for the Blueprints from the Metaverse collection. The pieces were inspired by RIMOWA’s legacy and other parts of the airline industry. They harken back to a time where you didn’t have to pay for water onboard.

Tiffany & Co.

The jewelry brand recently announced that it had purchased a Tiffany-brandedTom Sachs Rocket Factory NFT, which has now become part of the brand’s online identity.

Under Armour

Under Armour’s inaugural NFT project was a collab with Steph Curry. The brand launched a series of NFT sneakers to commemorate Curry breaking the 3-point record.


Almond Breeze

The brand everyone chooses when their favorite brand is out of stock is now in the metaverse. Their NFTdrop is called APEFUELand pays homage to a certain popular project.


On Metaverse Mondays, we dine in style. Owners of Applebees’s metaverse meals get an artist’s rendition of the chain’s distinctly unappetizing food, as well as a year’s worth of IRL meals.

Bud Light

The King of Beers’s child launched its own NFT collection, called Bud Light N3XT. Owners of the tokens get access to special drops and other benefits.


Not to be outdone by its watered-down offspring, Budweiser recently launched Budweiser Royalty. The NFT collection features collectible cards featuring the “Kings and Queens of the music industry.”

Burger King

Burger King’s Keep It Real Meals were distinctly unreal. The chain’s meal deals came with a QR code that unlocked a gamified NFT experience.


The soup brand carried on its artistic legacy by commissioning artist Sophia Chang to create a series of NFT artworks. We’re still waiting for them to replicate the taste of chicken noodle soup in the metaverse.


Obviously Coke was on the NFT trend. The conglomerate released a series of NFTs featuring items related to its relationship with the Special Olympics. The winning bidder on one of the works also got an IRL Smeg fridge (not jealous at all).

Dominique Ansel Bakery

The creator the the cronut has sent its invention into the metaverse. Dominique Ansel’s debut NFTcollection, Cronut(R), features 60 works in a variety of flavors.


Scotch whisky brand Glenfiddich launched a series of NFTs that were tied to actual, IRL bottles of whisky. Owners of the NFTs could hold/resell the token or cash it in for a bottle of single malt.

Goose Island

The Chicago-based brewery has launched an NFT collection to celebrate its Bourbon Country line.

The Halal Guys

In honor of the food cart chain opening its 100th location, customers who have dined with the restaurant more than 100 times will get an exclusive NFT. That’s a lot of chicken and rice.


Like Glenfiddich, Henny released a limited edition NFT collection that corresponded to one of 250 bottles of Hennessy 8. They went for more than $200,000 each.


Miss the McRib? You can own it forever in the metaverse. The McRib NFT was made to honor the product’s 40th anniversary.


These are starting to feel a bit repetitive. Tequila brand Patrón made a limited edition NFT that corresponded to one of 150 bottles of its Chairman’s Reserve product. You know the drill.


Lesser Coke™ also has a lesser NFT project. Pepsi’s Mic Drop collection was free and available for a few days. Yawn.

Pizza Hut

Our northern neighbor’s Pizza Hut franchise came out with a series of 8-bit pizzas that devoted fans could buy. It was listed for 0.0001 ETH (or $0.16) but resold for nearly $9,000.


The CryptoCrisp project offered a digital can of Pringles in a “never-before-tasted flavor.” Since it’s not a real can, the question is: what could this flavor possibly be?

Privé Réserve

The champagne house launched Privé Société, an NFT-based member’s club for champagne enthusiasts.


The Out of This World collection was a partnership with NFT artist Sameer Baloch. Oh, and you also got a gift card with your purchase.


You can now reward yourself for buying mediocre, overpriced coffee with Starbies’ NFT loyalty program.

Stella Artois

The beer brand was an early entrant into the metaverse, launching a virtual horse-racing experience in summer 2021. Now it’s back with The Drop Artois, a collection of water-themed NFTs that will raise money for

Taco Bell

The Bell came out with a series of GIFs of tacos, which are likely tastier than the real thing.

White Castle

The brand’s Sliderverse collection was cooked up to celebrate its 100th anniversary.



Charmin’s NFTP are toilet paper-themed NFTs. You can also use a physical display to put the NFTP next to your bathroom rolls — just remember which is which.


The dictionary company sold an NFT of the word “NFT.” Talk about meta.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The slightly better alternative to Carnival has released an NFT collection. Why? We don’t know.


Samsung hosted an opening party for 837X, the metaverse version of its IRL location in New York. People at the opening won NFTs and other goodies and participated in a virtual dance party.

State Farm

The insurance company is hawking a bunch of NFT footballs. Free suggestion: fractionalize Jake from State Farm and sell him as an NFT.

Toys R Us

Remember when Toys R Us went bankrupt and ruined our childhood memories? Well, they’re back with a collection of NFTs featuring their giraffe masot.


The Post Office managed to sell an entire NFT collection modeled after stamps, but can’t seem to deliver my packages in less than two weeks.


Verizon ran a Valentine’s Day NFT promo. Nothing is more romantic than a gift from America’s second-best mobile phone provider.



The Associated Press, a major newswire service, is selling some of its award-winning photographs on a new marketplace. You can also buy ultra-rare Pulitzer winning photographs.


The sports network teamed up with Tom Brady to drop an NFT collection based on the player’s iconic career. We’d say it was a retirement gift, but we’re not sure that’ll ever happen.

Miami Herald

During Miami’s inaugural NFT week, the city’s flagship paper announced it would release a collection of NFTs. Profits will go to the newspaper’s fund for local journalism.


Playboy’s Rabbitar collection is available on OpenSea. And they look uncomfortably like the rabbit from Zootopia.


The digital media brand sold the first-ever NFT of a news article. It made a paltry $1,800, which says a lot about the future of print media.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone teamed up with Coinbase for a music-themed NFT collection.

The New York Times

The Paper of Record sold an NFT of one of its writers’ columns. It sold for just over $1 million showing how much more people care about the Times than Quartz.


TIME’s first-ever NFTissue dropped in March with a cover featuring Vitalik Buterin (who else?). The project was a collab with LITDAO and is available to read through an interactive NFT.


Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs have an entire website dedicated to its NFT collection. You can buy 8-bit versions of Mavs players and coaches. It’s unclear what happens when they dip, though.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors released their own series of NFTs for fans ahead of the playoffs. Let’s just hope the bid pays off.

La Liga

Spain’s leading soccer team has created a series of match day jersey NFTs that can be worn by players in Green Park’s virtual game.


The soccer team (or football club, if you’re going to be like that) released a collection of NFTs in partnership with a crypto exchange.


Major League Baseball has a bunch of collectibles available on Candy.


The NBA’s Top Shot platform offers NFT trading cards of the league’s players at their best. You can also buy packs, which have the same odds as IRL trading card packs. For the 2022 playoffs, they also released a series of NFTs corresponding to all 18,000 players.


Your Super Bowl tickets are now NFTs, complete with the seat number. Apparently they’ll offer you access to future drops and other goodies.


The Olympics sold a set of NFT collector’s pins for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The IOC (which runs the Olympics) also launched a game that offers NFT rewards, as well as NFTs of this year’s mascot.


The PGATour is offering a collection of NFTs in collaboration with Autograph and Sorare.

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull’s racing arm is selling NFTs of Formula 1 cars. It’s unclear if you get anything except the knowledge that you have a digital version of a very fast car.

Team GB (Olympics)

The U.K.’s Olympics team is selling digital collectibles. There’s also a chance to buy “Medal Moments,” which are animated by British artists every time Britain gets a medal.


You can now buy NFTs of the best moments in “beating up the other guy until he passes out” history.



The country is launching an NFT collection to help it fund its war efforts. It’s already collected more than $60 million in crypto donations, including a CryptoPunk worth $200,000.

Definitely Not On Board

Ice Cube

The rapper wrote on Twitter that he thinks NFTs are “fake ass shit” and that he won’t be hopping on the trend. Except he already did.

Kanye West

Yeezus told fans back in January that they should absolutely not, under no conditions, ask him to do an NFT. But the man knows himself. In classic Ye style, he left room to do one in the future.

Keanu Reeves

He may have been in the Matrix but he is definitely not in the metaverse. During an interview for The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu shared his true thoughts on NFTs. Basically, he just doesn’t get the hype.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Owners

Steve Aoki

Lil Baby

LaMelo Ball

Justin Bieber

The Chainsmokers

Mark Cuban

Stephen Curry

DJ Khaled

Snoop Dogg


Jimmy Fallon


Kevin Hart

Paris Hilton

Post Malone


Meek Mill

Von Miller

Neymar Jr.

Shaquille O’Neal

Gwyneth Paltrow

Logan Paul

Rich The Kid

Britney Spears (unconfirmed)


Serena Williams

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