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Diversify your portfolio with shares of alternative assets, like fine art and collectibles. Coming soon: even more assets.

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Invest like the top one percent

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals have invested in alternative assets for a long time. By breaking alternative assets into fractional shares, we’re making them accessible to all.

Access a new diversification tool

Alternative assets tend to have a low correlation with traditional markets, which can potentially make them a compelling portfolio diversification tool.

Discover the next big catalysts

As the global number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals continues to grow, the demand for alternative assets may continue to increase.

Buy, hold, and sell in one place


Purchase shares

Buy shares of new IPOs or shares of existing alternative assets from Public members.


Manage your portfolio

View your alternative assets right alongside your stocks, ETFs, and crypto.


Earn a return

Sell your shares within the Public app. You can also potentially earn a return if we sell the underlying asset.

Featured Assets

Hermes Birkin Bag


Initial Offering Date

June 2021

Initial Offering Price


# of Shares


The Hermès Birkin bag is perhaps the most recognizable designer handbag in the world. The bags’ scarcity and high price tags have made them highly coveted among collectors.

Shattered Backboard

Air Jordan I (1985)

Initial Offering Date

December 2020

Initial Offering Price


# of Shares


In 1985, Michael Jordan played in a Nike-sponsored exhibition in Italy, scoring 30 points and shattering the backboard with a massive dunk. This is the exact pair of shoes he wore during the legendary moment.


Police Car, 2003

Initial Offering Date


Initial Offering Price


# of Shares


Banksy is one of the most important and successful artists of his generation. Demand for his work is on the rise, driven by both his anonymity and the commentary his works make on culture and society at large, as is on display with Police Car.

The Incredible Hulk #181

CGC 9.8 (1974)

Initial Offering Date

December 2019

Initial Offering Price


# of Shares


The Incredible Hulk #181 introduces the world to one of the best-loved characters in the history of comics: Wolverine, a character that would go on to help produce a multi-billion dollar movie franchise.

Assets Directory

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Have questions? Find answers.

What are alternative assets?

“Alternative assets” usually refers to investments that fall outside traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds and cash.

How does fractional investing in alts work on Public?

Public makes investing in Alts accessible for our investors. Members can buy membership interests, or shares, in a range of alts including art, collectibles and more. You can then manage your holdings directly through the app. For more information on how Alts investing on Public works, learn more here.

Why do investors consider alts for their portfolio?

Given that some alternative assets have reduced correlation with the stock market as opposed to other forms of investments, some investors find that they are useful vehicles to diversify their investment portfolio. Additionally, alternative assets have historically been viewed as a partial hedge against inflation. You should speak with your legal, financial and tax advisors to learn more and determine if alternative assets make sense for you.

What are the risks associated with alts?

Alternatives have a unique set of risks. You should review the applicable offering documents to determine if an investment is right for you. For more information, see this article.

Alternatives are not guaranteed, are generally less liquid than other types of securities, and are not protected by SIPC. Accordingly, you may not be able to sell interests in securities you have purchased. Please contact your attorney and tax advisors for details specific to you on investing in Securities. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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