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Everything in one place.

Own the companies, ETFs, and crypto assets you believe in. With sleek, intuitive design, Public makes investing straightforward. In just a few taps, you can choose from thousands of stocks and ETFs, as well as a growing collection of over 25 cryptos. All in one place.

Learn more about Crypto on Public.
For more information on fractional shares, check out our Fractional Shares Disclosure.

See what people invest in.

Social features make learning about investing more accessible. Learn from others in the feed, see why they buy or sell certain stocks and crypto assets, and share what you invest in. Create chat groups with friends, family members, or fellow community members.

Discover new companies, ideas, and people.

Diversity of thought makes us all smarter, so we created a dedicated space for discovery. Search for investors who share your interests, browse recent IPOs, see which companies are reporting earnings soon, and more. Following people and companies enriches your feed with fresh content daily.

Organize your portfolio for the long run.

90% of Public members say they are mostly long-term investors. Parse out longer-term investments from the rest of your portfolio with a quick drag-and-drop. If you make a move to sell before one year, we’ll send a gentle reminder that you meant to hold it longer.

Invest with context.

We build educational features into the app, so you can learn as you go. Tap key terms to see simple and straightforward definitions. View explanations for when a stock is moving, so you get the what and the why.

Fast, friendly support.

We get that matters of money can be stressful, so we’ve built an award-winning Customer Support team to be there every step of the way.

Chat our team directly in the app or reach out via one of six other contact methods to talk through your questions with a real human being.

Get better as an investor with exclusive content.

Public members can access educational videos contextual to their portfolios. Learn from trusted business experts and financial content creators answering questions about investing topics. Grow as an investor in the same place you invest.

We work for you,
not trading firms.

At Public, you are the customer, not the trading firms. This aligns our incentives and ensures we build the best product for you, and no one else.

Support fair and
transparent investing.

Our business is aligned with you. We don’t sell your trades to market makers, like other investing apps.

To contribute, leave a tip when you invest.


Investors First™

Invest in stocks, ETFs and crypto. Follow other investors,
invest with any amount of money, build your portfolio.

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