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Arrow IconCryptocurrency trading is offered by Apex Crypto.

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Gain access and exposure to a growing list of asset classes, not just stocks.

A powerful suite of tools

Automated Dividend Reinvesting

Whenever you get a dividend payment, we’ll invest it right back into the company that paid out. Build an effective habit and automatically compound your money over time.

Recurring Investing

Automate your strategy by investing weekly, biweekly, or monthly in your assets. Navigate volatile markets, manage risk, and build wealth over time. (Available for crypto now, stocks coming soon.)

Instant Transfers

Don’t miss out on investing opportunities. Whether you’re withdrawing funds or initiating a deposit for an investment, get instant access to what you need.

Company-Specific Analysis

Keep track of the metrics that matter most. Get a big picture view of the companies you care about with unique data like revenue segmentation and subscriber growth.

Stock, Crypto, & ETF Data

Take a deeper look at the companies you invest in. Access ESG scores, revenue segmentation, and detailed reports from top financial and crypto experts.

Earn Stock & Crypto

Test your investing knowledge while earning free stock and crypto. Complete in-app lessons on everything from market volatility to sustainable investing.

Invest with context

Understand why markets are moving and how it’s impacting your portfolio - everyday - in real-time

Know what’s happening in the markets

Get timely updates on why a stock, crypto, or asset is going up or down. Receive unique insights about your portfolio, upcoming earnings calls, company events, and more.

Know what’s happening in the markets

Listen to live shows about market news

Tune into Public Live, and hear from experts, analysts and journalists as they break down the day’s biggest market headlines

Listen to live shows about market news

Access advanced data and reports

Explore fundamental metrics and institutional-grade research from Morningstar. Hear perspectives from trusted research analysts

Access advanced data and reports

Hear directly from founders & executives

Town Halls provide direct access to the leaders behind some of the biggest and most progressive companies, web3 projects, and alternative asset investors.

Have recent health and wellness trends impacted your business?

Hear directly from founders & executives

Get insights from millions
of investors, analysts, creators

Discover new investment opportunities and gain exposure to valuable ideas from an active investing community

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Investors First™

We work for you, not trading firms

Everything we do is to help people be better investors. At Public, you are the customer, not some trading firm. This makes us build the best product for you and no one else.

We don’t participate in Payment For Order Flow

We don’t sell your trades to market makers or other third parties. Instead, we route all orders directly to the exchanges and other execution venues. This not only aligns us with you, the customer, but it enables us to execute every order with the best price possible, not just a slightly better one. Looks like removing the middlemen saves investors money — who would have thought.

We are a fully regulated broker-dealer

Open to the Public Investing, Inc. is a SEC and FINRA regulated broker, and also a member of SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

A safe and secure platform

All accounts are secured by a bank-grade security AES 128-bit encryption, TLS for secure data transit, and a default two-factor authentication system for an added layer of account protection. Additionally, our staff completes recurring, rigorous security trainings and applies comprehensive compliance measures to all its day-to-day business.

Get answers, not automated responses

Our award-winning customer support team is made up of FINRA licensed specialists who are ready to help you seven days a week, based out of our CX HQ in North Carolina.

Investor First Sm