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Meet Luis von Ahn, co-founder and CEO of language-learning app and website Duolingo.

Launched as an app in 2012, Duolingo combines various educational methods to offer more than 100 language courses in 40 different languages. One of the driving motivations behind the launch of Duolingo was Luis’s upbringing in Guatemala, where he saw firsthand how expensive it was for his Guatemalan community members to learn English.

Prior to founding Duolingo, Luis did pioneering work on computer-generated tests called CAPTCHAs and invented the reCAPTCHA program, which was later bought by Google. As Duolingo CEO, Luis sits at the helm of the world’s most popular language learning platform, which boasts more than 500 million registered users and 40 million active monthly users. The company made its public debut in June of 2021.

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