Build Your Money Mindset

About this event

Did you know that most of the feelings we have about money are inherited? As much as we might like to think of ourselves as rational creatures, how we choose to spend, save, and invest our money is often influenced by psychological and emotional factors.

Understanding your relationship with money is an important step in improving your financial health, and recognizing the emotional causes of our habits-what scares or excites you-can help establish improved behaviors that are more aligned with your goals.

In this webinar, executive coach Mayda Poc will share a framework for understanding your relationship with money and offer strategies for managing habits that could detour you from your financial goals. Additionally, Katie Perry, VP of Marketing of the social investing app, will share how you can own stock in companies that align with your interests and values through fractional investing.

This talk is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. When it comes to conversations about the stock market, past performance does not guarantee future results. The opinions of guest panelists are their own. For more information, see

Topics covered

  • How our upbringings influence our relationship with money
  • Why understanding the emotional motives behind how you handle finances is important to building healthier habits
  • Basics of fractional shares and how you can start investing in fractional shares to own a piece of the companies you believe in


Mayda Poc

Mayda Poc is a life and financial coach who works with executives in fast-paced industries to find balance in their hectic life, clarity for what they want to accomplish and be fulfilled in their life and career, all of it with a sense of purpose. She is the founder of Mayda Poc Coaching, which was born from more than 15 years of experience working in Finance, Investment Banking and Wall Street.

Katie Perry

Katie Perry is VP of Marketing for Public makes the stock market social, inviting investors to share why they believe in companies and benefit from the collective wisdom of a transparent and constructive community.

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