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Invested in PayPal
Because I missed #FridayBuyDay & #PayPal allows daddy to send me that paper with no interaction… 💰💰
Sold AsanaInvested for 148 days
Not gonna lie… this one hurt! I broke a long standing rule of not selling in the red… trouble is, they are almost all red in my portfolio… the first qtr of 2022 has been awful… gonna pull a lot of my public $ and put it to work somewhere else… too much liquid cash in public right now and I wanna move it over to some real estate I have… stock market is and has been tough. Gonna leave a little here in public just to continue playing with… I don’t know about y’all??? But I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the color red! #ASAN #affirm #paypal #Moderna were my WORST investment of the last two years #Costco - #Ford - #Tesla have been by far my top 3 trades with #Zim with an honorable mention. Still - an overall 9% green gain for the past 2 years from stock market - so I can’t be too mad, all things considered. I now understand more than ever why I pay a fiduciary to manage my family’s money rather than myself doing it. I have learned a bunch and if you have a portfolio at all - even if it’s only a 401k match from an employer, I would highly recommend doing a platform like public to get a better understanding of how YOUR MONEY works.
$EBAY is leaving $PYPLbecause their contract is up and they have their own integrated payment system now, I don't know when the last time you've sold something on eBay but it's pretty neat, the money goes directly to your bank account side-stepping the need for PayPal altogether. Now just looking at this eBay is the sinking ship here, they're going to have to change their business model or do sometSee more
Is $PYPL a good buy with these lows? The sell off started with the rumors of $PINS purchase, which they pulled off of. There’s still fear they will purchase another company. HOWEVER, for PayPal to beat after separation with ebay is huge. Plus they’re working with Amazon/Venmo which is a huge catalyst. Basically, $PYPLhas solved the check out problem (entering cc info with each purchase/site). Even iSee more
November 9, 2021
Invested in Shiba Inu
As investors in #paypal & #Robinhood we can petition to add #Shib to the list of #cryptoclub #shibaarmy #growth AmcRocketFuel
Sold Vanguard S&P 500 ETFInvested for 25 days
Buying more #paypal
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