Meet Dan Preston, CEO of the pay-per-mile insurance company Metromile, which made its public debut this past February. Dan joined Metromile as Chief Technology Officer in 2013, and has led the company as its CEO for more than seven years. 

Unlike traditional auto insurance carriers, Metromile has a usage-based insurance model, offering drivers more flexible options. By leveraging artificial intelligence and sensor data, the company has also showcased the impact of machine learning technology on the industry. 

Metromile recently announced that it will let customers use bitcoin to buy insurance and receive payments for insured claims, with Dan citing the adoption of cryptocurrency as a means to provide fairer insurance for policyholders.

Members of the Public community can submit questions to Dan ahead of his Town Hall Q&A on Tues. July 13 at 1 PM EST. During that time, you can follow along with Dan’s responses in real-time in the app. 

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