Meet Brent Bellm, CEO and Chairman of ecommerce company BigCommerce.

A software-as-a-service ecommerce platform for retailers, BigCommerce provides small to enterprise sized B2C and B2B companies the ability to build online stores and create an online presence. BigCommerce serves over 60,000 stores in more than 120 countries, offering merchants a range of tools, including payment processing, fulfillment solutions, and search engine optimization. 

BigCommerce made its public debut on the Nasdaq exchange in August of 2020 under the leadership of Brent, who has served as Chairman and CEO for more than six years. His previous experience includes executive roles at eBay, PayPal, and HomeAway. 

Members of the Public community can submit questions to Brent ahead of his Town Hall Q&A on Tuesday, September 28 at 11 AM EST. During that time, you can follow along with Brent’s responses in real-time in the app. 

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