Organize your portfolio for the long-term

Drag. Drop.
Organize your stocks by the long-term

To organize your portfolio, simply tap, drag, and drop the companies you want to hold onto into the Long-Term Portfolio section. Once you’ve dragged it into this section, we’ll lock it in.

Share why you’re 
a believer

After you add a stock or ETF to your Long-Term Portfolio, you can share that activity in the feed and tell the community why you believe in the investment.

Confirm long-term trades before selling

If you want to sell stocks or ETFs is in the Long-Term Portfolio, we’ll remind you that you had previously marked them as long-term investments, and ask for you to confirm that you indeed wish to sell before you do.


Invest in stocks and funds, commission-free.

Follow other investors, see their portfolios, and exchange ideas.

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