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😝Globalnews #FUD There is no reverse split for $AVCT No SEC filling! No PR on the site.
📉 TAX LOSS HARVESTING, DIVIDENDS, AND WASH SALES 📉 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ A possible #silverlining to my unfortunately having so many badly hammered positions is the opportunity to sell one or some for a loss and then to "write off" the loss(es) for fewer taxes to pay in April 2023 or future tax years. This strategy is called #taxlossharvesting(TLH) and is one worth considering at the end of the year wSee more
Sep 28, 2017 - Sep 28, 2022
Invested in Shiba Inu
Honestly I think #september is the month for #Shib the #possabilities are there you just gotta have a lil #faith cause you either gone #Hodl 💎or #Fold🤡and don’t forget they are burning billions and billions of #ShibuInu daily if you think it’s to many in circulation you can save that #FUD and always remember a lot of #investors and #whales are looking for a cheap but affordable alternatives to #Bitcoin and it’s #time4change 🚀🚀🚀ThisIsNotFinancialAdvice
Currently I am absolutely frustrated that I finally was able to get my ability to chat all my pub buds up again... And now an unknown (at the moment) amount of errors🙀 has unfortunately🙀 struck our portfolios🙀 and our totals into an absolute mess of confusion and has us all saying #whatinthefrackisgoingonupinhereI am hoping that this can all get figured out ASAP🥺 As of now I have zero abilitSee more
What outcome brings you greater joy or relief: seeing a stock you trimmed or closed fall, or a stock you hold climb? Climbing makes me #fomo #regret not buying more, and #fud terrified that it’s gonna lose like the rest of my stocks. #trimmingSee more
Closed position falls20.83%
Trimmed position falls12.5%
Stock position climbs45.83%
Look away, live life20.83%
24 votes Ended 04/02/22
Invested in Shiba Inu
If I think back, its close to where I first bought. So being that I've already taken profit in the prev pump now it's time to load up even more contrary to popular belief. It's like I said before "it's coming down to pick us up" everyone including me likes to buy when everyone else is. But the only difference between us and the whales is when the price is going down we sell and panic. The whales are getting greedy. As if they were kids in a candy store and everything is on sale.#trusttheprocess #buylowsellhigh #fud #ProperPreparationPreventsPoorPerformane
Invested in Block
H&r block thinks they own the word block square looks like a block to me. Fear uncertainty and doubt can get you a discount. They have these articles ready to release to drive the price up and down. I look up in a random vent cover has a square logo as I think about these things it's one of those God winks. Synchronicity whatever you wish to call it. 24% drop? I'll scrounge up some chips for that dip. #fud
The #fud is real yall running and selling your shib and im trying to figure out why lol 😂😂😂#shibarmy 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🚀🚀
WHAT TO BUY?- I keep getting asked which stocks to buy. Of course I cannot give financial advice, but it’s always hard when the market is at ath. You want to buy when there’s max fear in the market. I actually created this public account during max fear with Chinese stocks. Initially I was just going to keep Chinese stocks in this account. Back when $BABA and $BIDU was in the low $140s, $EHwas at $2See more
$SHIB You guys want to know where the community stands? How strong the #SHIBarmy truly is? You think you’re alone, that no one stands with you, that you’re fighting a losing battle? Are you starting to believe all the #FUDworrying whether tomorrow you will lose it all.. This is what I believe. I believe in this Community of all races all colors all creeds. I believe in the hundreds of supportive anSee more
I’m Holding. For You.79.67%
I’m selling.4.88%
It’s dead.8.13%
Get out now.7.32%
123 votes Ended 11/06/21
Which company will rebound sooner? All these companies are experiencing sell offs due to FUD. Strong companies and may be great dip buying opportunities. #aapl #sbux #hood #pypl #buythedip #fudSee more
24 votes Ended 11/05/21
Sold ZillowInvested for 71 days
Feeling some #fud on real estate market due to cash glut, dropping demand, rising interest rates, and national housing crisis. Moving this to $TWLO dip #longterm #possibilities
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