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Invested in Nymox Pharmaceutical
#fourstorms Thank you to all the strangers who’ve started following me. I’m nobody. I’m new to stocks and have taken an interest because I have a lot of time and there’s so much to learn. My email is junked up with so many emails and then a tip from a nice guy I met here said “remember, information is free” I’d already given my email with the promise of a magic ticker symbol, then I’d get a video I’d have to watch for the magic ticker symbol that would make me rich I spent so much time watching to only be lead to a magic guy that would give me the symbol if I bought his knowledge for $50/month. What return would I get on $600 per year and why would I believe you when you wasted my time and never gave me the symbol? Nope. Then I now have 200 new emails and I fell for it time and time again and now my emails a message. I read that statement from a friend and the lightbulb went off. I’m not rich. I’d like to pay off the $270k in student loans and get rid of the $2700/month loan payment, pay off all my medical bills, pay off my house and bills and just have enough. Build a smaller house and just.have.enough. I can’t buy anything because we’ve got too much money going out, why? Because we were born in the land of the fortunate, but it doesn’t feel like it when you have to be poor for getting an education. My friends are like you guys are rich. Hmmm, Not
Sold AMTD International IncInvested for 96 days
So I haven’t been in stocks long, aside from 401k which we really don’t get involved with, it’s left up to the management company. I will reinvest in this stock I just felt like making a move in the black (which is the only time I’ll ever sell) but this was my first sell and I’m so proud I was paying attention and didn’t get tricked into a tip. I wish they didn’t feel like they needed to trick people into tricking them. I always tipped when it was transparent. #firstsale #intheblack #fourstorms 🍀
To my friends, I tag my stocks when I’m not in a hurry. My business is #fourstormsso I tag most everything because it’s also my hobby and passion. I found a stock that was inexpensive and had good returns already with expected more and was like how do I let those kind enough to send me a message every now and again (it kinda makes my day having someone actually care to take their time on me!!!) orSee more
Invested in Berkshire Hathaway
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