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🔺🔺Breaking News: FOMC The Press Conference🔺🔺 75 BPS 🔵Moving policy to level that is sufficiently restrictive 🔵Despite slowdown in growth, labor market extremely tight 🔵Labor market continues to be out of balanceSee more
🛑🛑Breaking News!!🛑🛑 Unanimous 75 BP Hike Median forecast rates 4.4% in 2022, 4.6% in 2023 Fed repeats ongoing hikes are appropriate Press Conference in 25 minutesSee more
Invested in ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500
Wow. The market really didn’t like the #CPI numbers this morning. I’m hoping I didn’t miss the majority of the downward move with the huge #gapdown from premarket (and that said gap doesn’t work against this trade). #inflation #fed #ratehikes #hawkish #bearish #volatility #thetrendisyourfriend
Hey 👋🏻 Public family! Just wanted you to know the upcoming dates to keep on your radar that will effect the markets. “There’s significantly more uncertainty now about the path ahead.” -Powell Friday (Tomorrow)- Powell speaks at 10am EDT Sept 2 - August jobs report Sept 13 - August CPI report Sept 21 - FOMC meetsSee more
🛑✋Breaking News! Today’s Fed meeting notes… ➡️ All Fed officials backed raising rates by 75 bps at July FOMC ➡️ Fed officials judged that bulk of tightening effects have yet to be felt ➡️ Fed officials played down lowered commodity prices cooling inflation ➡️Many officials saw risk Fed could tighten more than necessary See more
The stock market bounced back from its worst first half in 52 years with its best month since November 2020, as the S&P 500 index gained 9.1% in July, trimming its year-to-date losses to 13.3%. Stocks shrugged off news of the GDP contracting for a second straight quarter, a common indicator of a looming recession 📉, and another 75 basis point interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve last WednesdSee more
‼️ Breaking News. Powell’s Press Conference regarding the 75 basis point rate hike just ended. Here’s the jist… ➡️Labor demand is very strong On goal to get to 2%, it’s essential ➡️Pace of rate hikes to depend on incoming data ➡️Another unusually large increase to depend on data ➡️Likely appropriate to slow increases at some pointSee more
Breaking News❗️Fed Notes Fed hikes rates 75 basis points Source: Bloomberg TV Biggest rate hike since 1994 Fed says they are strongly committed to returning inflation to 2%See more
The Fed could respond to the surge in inflation with its steepest interest rate increase since 1994. At its policy meeting tomorrow, the central bank may opt to raise rates by ⬆️ 0.75 percentage points, rather than the half-point that has been signaled for weeks. Just last month, Fed chairman Jerome Powell said that the central bank was not "actively considering" raising interest rates by three-quSee more
50 basis points25.15%
75 basis points47.24%
100 basis points27.61%
163 votes Ended 06/15/22
‼️ Breaking News ‼️ FOMC Rate Decision is In 👀👀 👉 Fed raises rates 50 Basis Points 👉 Fed to start runoff pace to rise to maximum $95 B after 3 months 👉 Highly attentive to inflation risks 👉 Ongoing increases will be appropriate 👉 Decision was unanimous See more
RIP AND DIP $TSLA is a complete buy for me right now. Under $900, with bullish candlesticks. Crushed earnings and guidance. Stock kept dropping, but found out #elonSee more
Apr 4 - May 2, 2022
For those who do not know I am a college student studying finance. Even while being wrapped up in the finance and investing world for about 2 years now and currently working in banking (albeit as a teller), I have never completely understood The Federal Reserve. 🏦 The true scale and power The Fed holds to effect the monetary system, banking, investment, and economics is immense and hard to undersSee more
Is Tomorrow (April 6) going to be a Green Day after todays Sell Off? #growth #possibilities #whynot #learningandgrowing #newstrategySee more
Yes like the usual 🧗48.72%
No were going down 🌊🏄🏽‍♂️51.28%
39 votes Ended 04/07/22
‼️Breaking News: Biden Talks Budget‼️ Pitches $5.8 Trillion Budget Source: Bloomberg TV Biden's Dad told him: "Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget and i will show you what you value". 🔹Fiscal responsibility 🔹Labor Market is strongSee more
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