Investing Trends in 2021: IPOs, SPACs, ETFs, and More

In Partnership with General Assembly

So far, 2021 has been a breakout year for retail investing. New data indicates that 25% to 30% of all activity in the market comes from retail investors, which is double what it was last year. Google searches for “how to invest” are at an all-time high, and events taking place in the financial world are breaking out into mainstream culture. Examples of this include Airbnb’s much-hyped IPO in late 2020, a slew of SPACs (or, special purpose acquisition companies) entering the scene in 2021 so far, and new thematic ETFs that are gaining popularity among retail investors.

This session will outline some of the biggest trends happening in the stock market this year, and will demystify acronyms like SPAC and ETF to help you understand what’s changing, why, and what it means for you.

This event is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice. See