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✨Are stocks and options really that different? ↗️Introduction: 🖊️Different types of investments offer different returns and risk levels. Before investing, individuals should understand the options available to them and make a decision based on their individual financial goals and risk tolerance. Mutual funds, bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stock options are all available to individSee more
Invested in NIKE
#possibilities #smartinvesting
So much fear lately. #reddays #smartinvesting #learning
Invested in NVIDIA
#growth #longterm #buythedip I am not a professional. These are just my random thoughts and reasoning behind how I have chosen to invest, even with my very limited funds. Nvidia has been an incredibly strong investment for me so far. This dip is going to be temporary because of where the tech market and industry is. There is not currently enough manufacturing bor R&D to meet the current demand in the tech world. Not including the general manufacturing needs globally, every tech innovation requires everyone to upgrade again. With the success of Intel's CPUs using their new design. There is competition against AMD again. Intel is also close to launching their more mid range friendly GPUs, during one of the worst GPU shortages in history. The mid range market is incredibly underserved at the moment, and this now means there are 3 major GPU companies instead of 2. In the tech market, consumers only benefit from competition. It forces companies to put more into R&D and keep pricing competitive. As backwards as it may seem. Tech companies without being forced to constantly innovate, will only focus on boosting shareholders profits. "But we are the shareholders!" Yes but those only create short term gains. If you are looking for stock that you will keep for long term (potentially life long,) when R&D lags, the company will be outmatched by others in the long run. Intel is only now trying to get back into being an industry leader in chip manufacturing, after years of losing market share due to stagnation and outdated technology. They were able to focus on design instead. But that was a short term strategy and has cost them their reputation as the leading tech company in all of tech. But when these companies compete, they constantly developed better tech than the others and push each other to be on the bleeding edge. And all that innovation trickles down into every other market in the world. As we have seen by the chip shortage affecting everything. So long term smaller gains will always win in a competitive landscape. This is a comment on my #nvidia purchase. But the best bet, is to diversify throughout all of the major tech design and manufacturing stocks. Because even if you put money into a losing stock, it doesn't mean they will be the worse stock in a year or two. All of the the big names like #micron #tsmc #intel #nvidia #amd and others have ups and downs. But look at their stock values from a year or 5 to 6 years ago. They all are up. Be smart and safe everyone. Never invest what you can't lose. And look at the big picture of each industry, not just the history or stock price of single companies. Find markets that have little to no chance of collapsing like tech. Even when the global market crashes, these markets will always be needed and come back. Don't invest in companies that don't keep innovating. If you made it this far in my random thought rant. Just know that I appreciate you and your time. Best of luck, and remember that you are important, and your stock value doesn't equal your value as a person. #selfcompassion #diversify #tech #microchips #gpu #chipshortage #cpu #smartinvesting #staysafe
This one is for all you 🍌Banana Boys🍌 and 🦍Gorilla Girls🦍, you 🐒Monkey Men🐒 and 💸WSB Women💸 (that's your money flying away btw). Yes, I'm making another post directed towards the $AMC and $GMEcrowd that I was once a part of. Deep down, I still love you. Anyway, if you follow me, you might know I listen to a good amount of podcasts. I recently listened to this really good one talking about tSee more
gooooooood morning money doesn't sleep just because it's the weekend!! anyone turn to crypto on weekends as another investment tool? its paid off more in 1 year than 2 years of stock profits for me... so.... Investing in crypto or relaxing this weekend? remember to do your research on companies/coins/projects you're eyeing during your downtime if you can ✌️ See more
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too early for this... 😴7.44%
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