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Invested in Tesla
I envision the future of $TSLA without Elom Nusk; that vastly increases my confidence in sustaining the company. While my small investments could be seen as insignificant, they are meaningful to me. Small investments like this are long overdue; I have passively monitored the Wall Street, not too long after Amazon's IPO; however, it can be difficult to invest your mother's life insurance money when you are a minor; it can be difficult to multi-task when you are fighting for your country as an adult; there are people who have made money on my investment tips though, whether they want to admit to that or not does not matter. I am disturbed by the conduct and discourse of Tesla Boss Elon Musk, and will put my meager ownership of Tesla to task by making it abundantly & publicly clear - as much as I can - overtime. Elon Musk not only acts as if he is someone who has never purposefully interacted with someone who wants the EV Market to fail, but he acts as someone who wants every innovative GREEN innovation in the market to fail - if it wasn't his idea; Musk's reckless firing of new hires is disgusting; at least $META boss Zuckerberg had the decency to hint people can show themselves out, while reducing hiring with fair warning... I detest Kuckerberg, and think he would care about Tesla staff more than Musk has; I wonder how old man $MSFT adultery boss Bill Gates might feel about that sort of reflection? Either way, long-time fan of Tesla. Tesla. :) Post Script: Sometimes I feel, people who hope to crash the global economies - should not be allowed to participate in those economies; I am sorry for the closure of your China assets, Tesla; also, while I applaud reaching out to Mexico, I think Musk's public display of pondering were, ill-considered. #longterm #alittleatatime #elonmusk #billgates #markzuckerberg #warrenbuffet #plutonium #green
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