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When it comes to #ElliottWave #forecasting, you have to keep in mind that you are forecasting what you expect the market to do based on a set of rules within the present market condition. As things develop or progress, it requires you to continually #modify or #adjustSee more
What #crypto are you holding for the #longterm? 👇 #Vote #community
Bitcoin 42.86%
Shiba Inu 23.81%
LUNA Classic/LUNC16.67%
42 votes Ended 06/14/22
Shoutout to @victor for being a amazing community manager, Thank you for the hat Vic!! #Public is the greatest place to invest your assets. Love being here teaching and learning new things everyday to the people spread that positivity and joy!! #publiccommuity #longtermSee more
Markets on a 9 week loosing streak, how long do you think until a relief rally? IMO things are going to get worse then better. I believe bear market will end Q4 of 2022, Maybe even next year. But remember what are you in for the longterm or the short? 🚀 #marketanalysis #stocksSee more
Q4 2022 37.5%
Next month12.5%
16 votes Ended 05/31/22
Reading an Earnings Report
Being a good investor means being an informed investor. By learning to read an earnings report, you’re taking a solid step toward making smart decisions in the stock market. #LearnArticleSpotlight #SaturdayReading #Community
7 min read
Have you ever been scammed or known someone who has been scammed? What advice would you give to someone to help them identify and avoid scams? #community #pollSee more
Scammers have tried25%
16 votes Ended 05/20/22
New free learn to earn stock just came in today get in now! #Community #growth #learn2earn #stocks101
May 12 - May 18, 2022
Should Public have it's own stock and would you buy shares? 👇 #publiccommuity #stockmarket #community #inventors
89 votes Ended 04/21/22
Ive been looking to add $GOOG to my portfolio but curious if it’s worth buying now or wait till the stock split in July #public #community #google #googl #longterm #learningandgrowing
Buy Now 61.29%
Buy After Stock Split25.81%
No Google is a deadstock12.9%
31 votes Ended 03/28/22
Invested in Shiba Inu
#possibilities #longterm #community #new2this #shiba2022 #shibaramy Potentially explosive speculative asset. Feeling good about this one 🐶🚀🌝🤴
Invested in AMC Entertainment
Hello everyone, this is my first public post. I never thought I'd make one, but I figured I might as well share some information with the community since we're all in this together. I'll post my thoughts on the market from time to time, maybe a meme or two; I'm no expert, just a guy who speculates. Every now and then, I'll post some infographics that may be of assistance and lighten your day :) LSee more
#CommunityPost: With so much going on.. I want to ask… How are you!?! How are you feeling?! Not your portfolio or holdings. What crypto you’re looking into.. but the investor — YOU?! Why am I asking this simple question is because the core part of all of this is psychology and feelings?! Do I want you to pay attention to the fundamentals?! Absolutely. But I want you to tap in to your StarSee more
Invested in NexImmune
Close to Home, lost my kids father to cancer Sept 2020 at age 38 leaving 7 kids without a father. #investedforfuturefamilies #cancersucks #cancerkills #forthefuture #curecancer2022 •Neximmune, to Participate in, " The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Therapy Acceleration Program® (LLS TAP) Panel," on,“Expanding the Possible with Next-Generation Cell Therapies.” •Source: NexImmune, Inc. Jan.18th,2022 •About NexImmune: ~NexImmune is a: "Clinical-Stage Biotechnology Company." Developing a novel approach to IMMUNOTHERAPY designed to employ the BODY'S OWN T- CELLS to GENERATE a SPECIFIC, POTENT, and DURABLE IMMUNE RESPONSE. The backbone of NexImmune’s approach is a: "Proprietary Artificial Immune Modulation (AIM™) Nanoparticle Technology Platform." The AIM technology enables NexImmune to CONSTRUCT NANOPARTICLES that FUNCTION as SYNTHETIC DENDRITIC CELLS CAPABLE of DIRECTING a SPECIFIC T-CELL MEDIATED IMMUNE RESPONSE. AIM constructed nanoparticles EMPLOY NATURAL BIOLOGY to ENGAGE, ACTIVATE and EXPAND ENDOGENOUS T CELLS in ways that COMBINE anti-tumor attributes of antigen-specific PRECISION, POTENCY and LONG-TERM PERSISTENCE with REDUCED POTENTIAL for off-target toxicities. ++READ MORE DETAILS IN LINK! ++COMING MEETING JAN.21ST,2022 WORTH TAKING A LOOK AT! #helpeveryone #giveback #giveandgain #community #investinacause #2022 #growth #possibilities
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