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The pain is stopped for now but only because it is Saturday... 📉 We are officially in bear market territory. We might see the market fall more but still not need to worry. This is not the first time we have seen these pullbacks and it will not be the last. 🧸 This is a great post from PersonalFinanceClub on Instagram! His link will be below! 🔽 What are your thoughts on this bear market? Are you…See more
#publiccommunity #newinvestors #foodforthought Just a reminder for new investors (and the rest of us). Investing is as volatile and crazy as you make it. The quickest way to lose your money is to throw it into an investment you don't understand.
A question for the #PublicCommunity: Do you like big business? ❓ Companies like $JNJ, $AAPL, $MMM…See more
90 votes • 5 days remaining
Hey 👋🏻. After a private convo amongst #bigdippers , I thought I would share this as it may help #newinvestors. One of the greatest features of #Public is fractional share buying. If you can afford a full share, should you jump in and buy the full share? Here is an example out of my #Public portfolio. $SHOPfor me was a free stock slice when a friend joined under me. …See more
$PG, $AAPL, and $GOOG, like most of the market, have seen their valuations fall substantially in the recent months. Recently, I have been adding as much as I can to these three stocks specifically. They’ve come to make up well over 50% of my portfolio, but why these companies? Forgetting their great balance sheets and financial positions, …See more
Feb 22 - May 19, 2022
Invested in NVIDIA
While many people are worried about the market crashing, you boy is on a campaign to make like blackrock. #publiccommunity How much money would I need to own at least one stock in every single publicly traded company? As of their 2021 numbers, I want go by the price range of their all-time-low and all-time-high Also how many publicly traded companies were there in, December 2021? Knowing these questions can start me on my adventures #EveryStockChallenge
What is the point of crypto 🤔? The crypto market has been in a bit of a crisis mode with the price of bitcoin $BTC has fallen by more than half of its 2021 peak, and billions of dollars of value were lost from cryptocurrencies in a matter of hours with the collapse of $LUNACoins that are supposed to be “stable” (USDT) are looking anything but, and one of the major trading platforms in the space…See more
Happy Saturday everyone! #PublicCommunity💙 If any of you are like me you love watching anything and everything that has to do with money. I also love business and the art of creating a business that drives demand, makes sense financially, and can turn a profit is spectacular to see. 📈 That is I am drawn to this series by the Wall Street Journal that takes popular companies, publicly traded or no…See more
🔥HOT TOPIC⚡️ Will $LUNA Recover after all this? #crowdpoll #publiccommunity
I lost faith in Crypto12.09%
637 votes • Ended 05/13/22
☕️☕️Learn a new ticker symbol today. $HIMS (Hims and Hers Health). Profile description in the video below. #crowdticker #publiccommunity
A little Saturday conversation starter... 💬 #publiccommunityElon Musk has worked with and run some of the best companies in the world. PayPal 💰 Tesla 🚗 SpaceX 🚀 The Boring Company 🔥 Twitter 🐥 Neuralink 🔗 What other companies are producing the best products or services right now? ⬇️…See more
Headwinds vs. Tailwinds 💨 Another set of terms used by CNBC anchors and popular financial analysts or fund managers. 📺 But what do they actually mean and what are they? ⬇️ Well, tailwinds are the positive things that can push a business forward... it is wind blowing from behind you. A headwind is wind coming directly at you, pushing you back, making it harder to move forward. Now there are an u…See more
⚡️Stocks to watch this week⚡️ Follow #crowd5 for weekly updates. 1. $AMD - earnings Tue, May 3 (After close). EPS +0.83. Their numbers should be strong and their recent acquisition of Xilinx should start to pay off. …See more
Do you believe billionaires are a net positive for society? 💵 List of relevant billionaires... Jeff Bezos $AMZN 📦 Elon Musk $TSLA…See more
489 votes • Ended 05/07/22
Investing is a mental game. You have to conquer your own mind before you even begin to think it's possible to conquer the market. We're in a tough time right now. The market is volatile. There's been a correction and there's talk of a crash. If your goal is long term investing, don't panic. The market always comes back stronger. Keep DCAing and enjoy the gains on the back end. If you're a…See more
It seems that many people are buying the dip with $VOOup 2.5% today. But the S&P 500 is still down 2.4% over the week thus far. 📉 We also just received GDP data showing a 1% decline in US GDP for Q1. Another decline in Q2 and we are in a technical recession. 😰 What was I doing over the course of the week? I was buying stocks, more specifically I DCA'd into my normal positions but also added heav…See more
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