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⚜️History •Knowledge •Wisdom & Understanding Inflation: What to #Invest In & to do Great Inflation Hedges SOLUTIONS 1. ✨ #Gold about 10% of #portfolio 2. 🪙 #Bitcoin: price will rise as #inflation goes ⬆️ (there will be ups & down but HOLD) 3. 🏞 Property | Rentals | Farmland #REITS - If you don’t have 1 make sure you convert to a 30/15 year fixed mortgage 4. 📈 #Stocks paying #high-dividends: - International Companies - Emerging Markets 5. Borrow Money & Fixup - property for cashflow - #Invest in Cashflow by borrowing off your equity or using debt to build cash flow —-•••• 📈Usually At Height of The Bubble 🎈 - People are ecstatic - It’s time to sell - People are happy - Euphoria is highest before burst - Sentiment seems good —•••• Where are we? At the top or bottom? In 2012 we were at the bottom📉 - in housing market - we are close to the top(burst) - are people chasing & double down in the markets? ——•••••• 🤔Things to remember - the last depression 1929 - 1954 - 1925 - 1981 stock market flat when adjusting for inflation - 1972-1974 stock market went down 50% ——••••• 💭In the 1970’s Our Government was Pushing society into #stockmarket by creating 401k to try to stimulate our economy - turning society into speculators 🤑 Being Economy #Smart - going back to the basic principles 🔹Produce More Good & Services🔹 - What people need and want - And they’ll give you money for it - Produce more than you consume 🏠 #Housing Market - is Crashing (Upward) - (Crashes can be both up or down) - Meaning prices are ⬆️ & supply limited (Inflation) - All about purchasing power 🏜Scottsdale market - 400k for low housing 👀 👀Watch out for: 1. Amount of Government Spending - If our #Government can’t get out the next round of #stimulus - Our economy is addicted to it - Once they stop; the drug addict is going to have problems… 2. #infrastructurebill = The printing of more 💰 - Will Our #Government spend enough to keep economy afloat? - to compensate for the lack of dollars that are being created by banks right now 120 Billion + (1Trillion) in printing money - Creating #Bank reserves out of thin air - #Treasuries & #Bank Reserves Gridlock: don’t spend more & more All About Psychology: - pushing people into stock market HotAir Ballon Analogy Our Stock market should reflect our real economy: & not be it! 1. Our real economy should be - The HotAir Ballon 🎈 2. Stock market - Should be the 🧺 in the ballon - So in other word, where ever our economy goes our stock market goes - Now since 1971 when #USA was coming off Gold Standard & Financializing the Economy 1. Our #Financial Economy/Stock Market Is the HotAir Ballon 🎈 2. Our Real #Economy is the basket - Now, it’s where ever our #StockMarket goes is where our economy goes & that should never be the case Solutions We need something that constraints the amount dollars being created: - #Gold Standard - #Bitcoin Standard #Monetary system is going to collapse real soon. Please share your thoughts on this write ✍️ up. Looking for a great exchange of the 🧠 #possibilities #longterm #crypto #growth #invest #learning #buildingportfolio #opportunities #inflationhedge #inflationfighter #longterm #whynot #opportunities
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