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Nadia Vanderhall
Let the SPACs roll! ๐Ÿ‘€ $INTC Chairman is planning for a Health-Tech SPAC IPO up to $1 Billion. Big Balling, but what does this mean for not only the SPACs, but Intel as well?! Shall see. What's interesting about this move is that Chairman Ishrak is that he previously ran medical device giant Medtronic Plc. So this boost isn't remove from his wheel house. The target for this IPO is between $750M - $1B. I felt last year that this trend of SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) would continue heavily into 2021, and it appears that my feelings weren't jaded. So far in 2021 we are seeing 53 blank-check companies raising $15 Billion; with it just being mid-January. Forty-seven more SPACs this month have announced plans to raise a combined $11.7 Billion and are awaiting IPOs. And in 2020 - SPACs raised about $79 Billion. Way to move around to get the capital! ๐Ÿ’ฐ They are also up for earnings this week!