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This morning I asked a question 👇 But since I obviously can’t vote on my own poll , I figured I’ll give my opinion here 😂🤣 Despite my predilection for dollar cost averaging every day ( #dcaeveryday ), I personally think a Biweekly or Monthly DCA is the sweet spot for me. I can’t choose one over the other because It really depends on how volatile the stock is. If the stock is constantly moving (in either direction) that’s a stock that I’d like to invest small quantities into as often as possible BUT If the stock isn’t that volatile, I’m more likely to invest larger sums of money less frequently. My daily $1 investments into Amazon is an extreme example, metaphorically speaking, it’s like “trying to eat an elephant” 🐘 When trying to do something as absurd as eating a whole elephant it’s best to take the advice of Italian monk, Saint Francis of Assisi: “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” My elephant is a $3,000 stock ( $AMZN ). In order to purchase a whole share of Amazon stock i quickly realized that it was necessary to start investing as soon as possible. I could have sold all of my other stocks and purchased Amazon or emptied my savings account and purchased a share but that wasn’t wise. Instead of putting all of my eggs 🥚 in the $AMZN basket 🧺, I did the next best thing. I broke that investment into smaller chunks and discovered that investing $1 today was very possible After I invested my first dollar, I kept investing 1 dollar a day, and eventually I realized two things. 1️⃣ I realized that I was doing the impossible. 2️⃣ I realized that it would take me 11 years to do what I thought was impossible #pocketchangeinvestments
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