Earn a 5.3% yield*

Put your cash to work with government-backed Treasury bills. Now available on Public—the all-in-one investing platform.

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Treasury bills vs. Savings accounts**

Treasury bills may generate higher yield than a traditional savings account or even a high-yield savings account.

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As compared to the average APY (annual percentage yield) of the best high-yield savings accounts, compiled by NerdWallet.com as of 4/28/2023, is 4.0% APY. Source: Bankrate.com Source: NerdWallet.com

Securely store your Treasury bills

Your Treasury bills are held in custody at The Bank of New York Mellon—the world’s largest custodian bank and securities services company.

Access your funds at any time

We’ll automatically reinvest your Treasury bills at maturity to ensure a compounding yield. You can sell your Treasury bills anytime.***

Get the backing of the US government

Treasury bills are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government, so they’re considered one of the safest investments around.

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in 3 simple steps

Create your Treasury Account

It’s easy to create a Treasury Account on Public. Plus, you can invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets.

Transfer your savings

Once you’ve created an account, you can transfer your savings by linking a bank account or making a deposit with your debit card.

Lock in your rate

Treasury bills are a fixed-income asset, which means their rate of return is locked in at the time of purchase.***

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Get built-in insurance protection

When you move your cash into a Treasury Account on Public, you automatically qualify for SIPC protection of up to $500,000. You also get the complete backing of the US government for all the underlying Treasury bills in your account—no matter how much money you have invested.

Open your Treasury Account today.

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*26-week T-bill rate (as of 5/24/2023) when held to maturity. The rate shown is gross of fees.

**The average of the best high-yield savings accounts, compiled by NerdWallet.com as of 4/28/2023, is 4.0% APY.

***Deposits below $100 may be permitted, but not invested.

****Different banks may have different deposit requirements.

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* Yield is an annualized 26-week T-bill rate (as of 3/8/23) when held to maturity. Rate is gross of fees. T-bills are purchased in increments of $100 par value at a discount; any remaining balance after purchase is held in cash. Risks.

** As compared to the average of the best high-yield savings accounts, compiled by Bankrate.com as of 1/31/23. Public is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of information on third-party websites. Open to the Public Investing is not a bank and does not offer savings accounts. You should contact your bank for current and complete information about available account types, including applicable interest rates. Risks.

*** Rate of return is annualized and assumes holding T-bill until maturity.

Investments in T-bills: Not FDIC Insured; No Bank Guarantee; May Lose Value.

All U.S. treasury investments and investment advisory services provided by Jiko Securities, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please see www.sipc.org.
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