Commission-free trading.
With fewer FX fees.

Learn how we’re making US investing more accessible with commission-free trading during regular US market hours and fewer foreign exchange fees.

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We don’t charge commission fees during regular stock market hours.

No FX fees on trades

Unlike many other brokerages, we don’t charge FX fees on individual trades.

One low currency conversion fee

We only charge a foreign exchange fee when you make a deposit or withdraw cash.

Key fees on Public

We believe transparent pricing matters and our customers should be able to know how we make money. Want even more information? Learn how we make money.

Read our fee schedule.

Foreign exchange fee


When you make a deposit to Public, we apply a fee to convert GBP to USD. This conversion takes place at the prevailing interbank rate. We charge the same FX fee when you withdraw cash.

Commission fees

$0 per trade

On Public, there are zero commission fees or execution fees during regular stock market hours. That means you can place fee-free trades between 2:30 PM GMT and 9 PM GMT.

Extended-hours fees

$2.99 per trade

Public provides access to pre-market trading from 1 PM to 2:30 PM GMT and after-hours trading from 9 PM to 1 AM GMT. During these times, we charge a nominal fee per trade.

Optional tipping

Your choice

We offer a completely optional tipping feature before you submit and order. Whether and how much you contribute is entirely up to you.

Members can opt into a fully-paid securities lending program operated by our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation. Please note, securities lending carries additional risk. Learn more here.

Make your money go further with no FX fees on individual trades.

How we compare

Fees Comparsion

US stocks available5,000+ No subscription required.~2,100 No subscription required.~500 ~3,800 with £5,99 monthly feeNot disclosedNot disclosed
Commissions on tradesNoneNoneNone£5.99£11.95
FX fees0.30%1.50%0.99%1.50%1.00%
When are FX fees charged?Only on deposit and withdrawalOnly on deposit and withdrawalOn every tradeOn every tradeOn every trade

Comparisons to other providers are based on published costs on their websites as of July 11, 2023. Charges and fees are based on company’s introductory tier, if multiple tiers exist.

Calculate how much you can save

Most brokerages charge a foreign exchange fee on every trade—fees that can rapidly accumulate. We take a different approach. Instead, we apply a low conversion fee only when you deposit or withdraw cash. Discover how it can make your money go further.

Monthly Fees (Public)
Monthly Fees (-)
Savings by using Public:
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* Commission-free trading available during U.S. market hours. Other fees may apply.