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Meet Paddy Spence, CEO of Zevia.

Paddy Spence is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Zevia ($ZVIA), a certified B Corp beverage brand offering soda, energy drinks, tea, mixers, kids drinks, and sparkling water. All beverages are zero calorie, zero sugar, and naturally sweetened, made with only a handful of plant-based ingredients, and are Non GMO Project Verified.

Paddy has served as the CEO since September 2010. A 27-year veteran of the natural and organic products industry, he previously served as Kashi’s VP of Sales and Marketing and founded SPINS, a market research firm specializing in the natural products industry.

Paddy came to Zevia after his personal experience cutting sugar completely from his diet. Zevia seeks to address the global public health crisis of excess sugar consumption.

Investors can submit questions and follow Paddy’s Q&A live in the app on Wednesday, May 25 at 12 PM ET.

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