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Stocks with Crypto Exposure

Through special technology (blockchain), cryptocurrency made a name for itself as the Internet’s dollar by anonymizing transactions, reducing the risk of fraud, and increasing the speed of transferring money. This makes for a completely unregulated and decentralized form of cash, with worth that is determined solely by the laws of supply and demand. This theme includes stocks and ETFs that support the broader crypto movement as well as its underlying blockchain technology.

10 stocks • 5 ETFs


MicroStrategy Incorporated



Note: This Public Theme is based on data from one or more third-party data providers. This Theme is provided for informational purposes only by Public Holdings, Inc., and is not investment advice or an investment recommendation. You should not buy or sell anything included in this Public Theme without first determining it is appropriate for your portfolio or investment strategy. Investors should consider the investment objectives and unique risk profile of an Exchange Traded Product (“ETP”) and read the ETP’s prospectus carefully before investing.
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