Women and Money Roundtable: Personal Finance

Women invest 40% less than men and historically have been underserved by financial institutions. Beyond the investment gap, experts say that women are less likely to talk about their finances with their friends or even family members. The lack of conversations about money matters can mean that women feel less confident and are not availing opportunities to exchange ideas with others to build financial literacy over time.

In this monthly roundtable co-hosted by The XX Project, we’ll invite prominent women in the business community to talk openly about their financial journeys. Listen in and hear their biggest successes, how they turned challenges into opportunities, and what they’ve learned along the way.

This talk is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. When it comes to conversations about the stock market, past performance does not guarantee future results. The opinions of guest panelists are their own. For more information, see Public.com/disclosures.

Topics covered

  • How to get started with a personal financial plan, including tips for budgeting
  • How should college students think about balancing student loan repayments with saving and investing?
  • How to think about personal finance in the context of managing a household
  • Resources experts recommend for building a foundation of financial literacy


Angela Meadows

Angela Meadows is Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager at Bank of America.

Shea Curtin

Shea Curtin is a Financial Advisor, Sports and Entertainment Associate, at Morgan Stanley.

Katie Perry

Katie Perry is VP of Marketing for Public.com. Public makes the stock market social, inviting investors to share why they believe in companies and benefit from the collective wisdom of a transparent and constructive community.

Follow her on Public at Public.com/katiep.