Money Moves for Navigating a Recession

About this event

We are amid uncertain economic times. With questions swirling about the timeline for a return to normal and reversal of economic stress caused by the Coronavirus, it’s only natural to feel worried and out of control regarding when it comes to your career path and financial future. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, which is why General Assembly is teaming up with to bring financial experts together for a panel discussion on how to understand what’s happening and unpack actionable ways to take back control.

This talk is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. When it comes to conversations about the stock market, past performance does not guarantee future results. The opinions of guest panelists are their own. For more information, see

Topics covered

  • Gain a better understanding of what the Coronavirus means for the public markets and the economy overall, and how it compares to past financial crises
  • Get insight into what a recession would mean for your personal finances, including your 401K and non-retirement investments
  • Opportunities for safeguarding and even advancing your financial goals during a recession
  • How to build your career during a down economy, including tips for job-hunting, networking, and advancing professionally during challenging times


Jamila Souffrant

Jamila Souffrant is the creator of the blog and podcast, Journey To Launch.

Gina Knox

Gina Knox is the owner at Night Light Financials, dedicated to helping people feel more confident and at peace with their financial decisions.

Brian Hanly

Brian Hanly is the Founder of Bullish, a new digital publisher focused on empowering people to earn more, spend smarter and grow their money in a way that’s right for them. Previously, Brian was a top revenue contributor at VICE Media—which reached a $5.7 billion valuation during his tenure—he forged culture-defining partnerships with brands such as Airbnb, Google, Ally Bank and Unilever, among others. Prior to VICE, Brian helped launch the Samsung Galaxy brand in the US, planning and buying over $2B of cross-platform advertising.

Katie Perry

Katie Perry is VP of Marketing for Public makes the stock market social, inviting investors to share why they believe in companies and benefit from the collective wisdom of a transparent and constructive community.

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