Women and Money Roundtable: How to Invest With Confidence


Women invest 40% less than men on average, which means they can stand to miss out on more than $1MM of potential earnings in their lifetimes. Women are also less likely to talk about finances with their friends, closing them off from educational opportunities to share ideas and learn from their peers. Join Policygenius and Public.com for a candid panel to help you set your investing mindset and build your confidence as you build your portfolio.

Speakers announced soon.

Topics covered

  • What kinds of investments are available to me? How should I think about them?
  • How do I know how much to invest? How can I create investing habits?
  • What is the difference between trading and investing? How can I get started investing in the stock¬†market?
  • What should I be thinking about when assessing an investment opportunity?
  • What tools and resources can I use to build financial literacy?