Finance Festival

women & wealth

The biggest event of the year celebrating women and wealth.


  • Gina M. Raimondo

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce

  • Claire Wasserman

    Founder and Author of Ladies Get Paid

  • Sarah Kunst

    Managing Director, Cleo Capital

  • Kinsey Grant

    Co-Founder and Content Lead, Thinking Is Cool

  • Dominique Broadway

    Finance Expert and Founder of Finances De·mys·ti·fied & The Social Money Tour

  • Paula Herrera

    Founder of MAPA Collective

  • Cokie Hasiotis

    Founder of Lasagna Tech

  • Saira Rahman

    VP of Finance at HMBradley

  • Cheryl Campos

    Head of Venture Growth & Partnerships at Republic

  • Leah Fessler

    Senior Investment Associate, NextView Ventures

  • Ariana Fowler

    Associate at The Fund

  • Tanaya Macheel

    Senior Reporter, Blockworks

  • Aubrey Strobel

    Head of Communications, Lolli

  • Ashley Louise

    CEO of Ladies Get Paid

  • Lady PheOnix

    Creator, Co-founder of Universe Contemporary & Digital Art Curator

  • Cleve Mesidor

    Founder of the National Policy Network for Women of Color in Blockchain

  • Camila Russo

    Founder of The Defiant

  • Julie VerHage-Greenberg

    Co-Founder of FinTech Today

  • Bitcoin Frankie

    Creator & Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Besties

  • Judy Zhu

    Founder of MoneyGirls

  • Lauren Silbert

    VP and General Manager at The Balance

  • Monica Swinney

    Executive Vice President at LEX

  • Janine Yorio

    Managing Director, Republic

  • Alyssa Anderson

    Director, Business Operations & Growth, Cadre

  • Katie Perry

    VP of Marketing at



Women, and specifically women of color, statistically invest less than men, and they’re also less likely to talk about their finances. Finance Festival brings together leading voices across the broadening landscape of wealth creation to break down taboos around personal topics like money and finance, as well as highlight ways to get involved as an investor—at any stage and in myriad ways. 

Join us from April 14-28 for 8 sessions and 20+ speakers, covering investing in the stock market, cryptocurrency, real estate, and private companies, as well as deep dives into blockchain’s role in the future of money. Tickets are free and open to the public.

Schedule of Events:

Opening Keynote and Financial Literacy Workshop
Wednesday, 4/14 at 7p ET | RSVP

Ladies Get Stocks, Too: Intro to Stock Market Investing
Thursday, 4/15 at 8p ET| RSVP

To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin: A Panel for the Crypto-curious
Monday, 4/19 at 8p ET | RSVP

Reimagining Real Estate
Wednesday, 4/21 at 8p ET | RSVP

Blockchain, NFT, WTF?
Thursday, 4/22 at 8p ET | RSVP

How to Get Yourself on the Cap Table as an Investor
Monday, 4/26 at 8p ET | RSVP

So, You Want to Be a Founder?
Tuesday, 4/27 at 8p ET | RSVP

Closing Keynote: U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo
Wednesday, 4/28 at 8p ET | RSVP

*These events are for educational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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