BTC to Bitcoin ETF price conversion

Use our calculator to see how Bitcoin price changes affect the value of Bitcoin ETFs.

Adjusted price for Bitcoin ETFs provided by dividing the future BTC price entered by the user by the current BTC price and then multiplying the result by the current Bitcoin ETF price. Therefore, adjusted Bitcoin ETF prices shown are always directly correlated to the current BTC price and the desired future price entered by the user. Adjusted Bitcoin ETF prices do not incorporate the impact of fees over time or any potential future changes to the Bitcoin ETFs shown.

This BTC to Bitcoin ETF price Converter is intended to serve as an educational tool only and is solely based on your inputs. Results generated are hypothetical and should not be considered a substitute for personalized investment, planning, tax or legal advice, nor do they constitute a recommendation or guarantee of future performance. Individual situations will vary. The price of BTC and the Bitcoin ETF is variable and can change at any time.

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What is a spot Bitcoin ETF? Are these SEC-approved instruments?

A spot Bitcoin ETF is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the real-time price of Bitcoin, allowing investors to buy into the Bitcoin market without owning the cryptocurrency directly. The SEC approved several spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 10, 2024.

What is a Bitcoin ETF and how does it differ from buying Bitcoin directly?

A Bitcoin ETF is a fund that tracks Bitcoin’s price, letting you invest without directly owning Bitcoin. Unlike buying Bitcoin, ETFs are held in a traditional brokerage account, avoiding the complexities of storing Bitcoin yourself.

How does the Bitcoin ETF Converter on work?’s Bitcoin ETF Converter is a tool to estimate the corresponding value of your ETF holdings when Bitcoin is trading at a certain price.

Can I trade Bitcoin ETFs on, and what are the fees?

Yes, allows trading spot Bitcoin ETFs alongside Bitcoin futures ETFs. charges zero commission fees for stock and ETF trades. Click here to get started